Lighting phaseout offers chance to cut energy

09.01.11 by HFM Staff

September 2011 Upfront

With the federally mandated phaseout of inefficient lights set to begin next year, the time has arrived for facility managers to develop a retrofit plan if they haven't already.

The lighting legislation will impact the manufacture of incandescent light bulbs, linear and U-shaped fluorescent lamps, and halogen PAR lamps, says Jeff Rehm, corporate sustainability manager, Grainger, Lake Forest, Ill.

Incandescent lamp phaseout starts with the end of manufacture of 100-watt (W) lamps on Jan. 1, 2012, followed by 75W incandescents on Jan. 1,2013. Manufacture of 60W and 40W lamps will cease on Jan. 1, 2014.

In addition, PAR halogens and linear fluorescent lamps, including the T12 commonly used in overhead lighting, will no longer be manufactured starting July 14, 2012.

Chris Sullivan, health care segment strategy manager at Grainger, recommends that hospitals start the retrofit process by replacing incandescent lamps. Changing out standard T8 fluorescents (F32) to high-efficiency T8s (F28) is another way to generate savings.

A more robust retrofit process is needed for those lamps that can no longer be accommodated by the pre­existing housing, ballasts and/or fixtures, says Rehm.

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