Trends in Health Care 2012

Trends in Healthcare 2012

12.01.12 by HFM Staff

An overview of HFM's special issue on Trends in Healthcare 2012

Trends in Health Care

The value proposition
Will you make health care more affordable?
By Bob Kehoe

Trends: Interview

Managing change
Reengineered care delivery and payment models will have a huge impact on hospitals
by Bob Kehoe

Trends: Design

Building for tomorrow
Decentralized care provides model for hospital planning, design and construction
by Mike Hrickiewicz

Trends: Infection Prevention

Stressing science
Evidence-based cleaning practices and technology advances will drive safety improvements
by Bob Kehoe

Trends: Sustainability

Sustainable benefits
The incentives continue to grow for hospitals to reduce their impact on the environment
by Jeff Ferenc

Trends: Supply chain

Mission critical
Linking supply chain to organizational objectives and patient outcomes once seemed a distant goal. Not any more.
by Bob Kehoe

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