Time is part of a system used to sequence events, to compare the duration of events and the intervals between them. It's six months into my presidency, summer is here and ASHES is celebrating 25 years as an organization. As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun!

As I look back on ASHES' 25 years, I see a rich and vibrant history. As I look forward, I see a future that will test and challenge all of us—yet is so exciting for the profession.

For now, here's what has been happening at ASHES headquarters that impacts all of us:

• The biggest news is the unfortunate but necessary relocation of the ASHES Annual Conference & Healthcare Marketplace due to the heavy rains and flooding in Nashville, Tenn. The Gaylord Opryland Hotel was under 10 feet of water and would not likely be ready for us in September. In less than five days, the ASHES and American Hospital Association teams had the conference moved from Nashville to the Gaylord National in Maryland (Washington, D.C., metro area) without even a date change! Check the ASHES website for all the details.

• The first of four, 10-week infection prevention online education programs was launched with great success.

• The data from the member opinion survey distributed in December 2009 and the discussions from stakeholder focus groups held at the conference last year have been thoroughly analyzed, discussed and reviewed. The clarity of the message from the field led to some of the most difficult but pointed board discussions regarding ASHES' future direction. By the time you read this, we will have shared the high points of the data and information. Very soon we will be coming back to ask you to help the board set in motion and realize the member-articulated vision for the next 25 years.

• ASHES' conference planning committee and staff continue to build the education program that will provide what is needed to optimize opportunities to be innovative, increase expertise and knowledge and provide leadership tools we need to meet increasing demands from our administrators.

Time measures and sequences events and compares the durations and intervals of those events. The conference occurs only every 12 months. I hope to see everyone at this year's conference on Sept. 26-30!

Fiona Nemetz, CHESP
Director of Environmental Services, Transport, Safety and Parking
Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta

Sidebar - ASHES insight

Annual conference location changed

Due to the tragic flooding in Tennessee, the Gaylord Opryland Resort has closed its doors for damage assessments and renovation.

The ASHES Annual Conference & Healthcare Marketplace, which was scheduled to be held at that location, has been relocated to the Gaylord National Harbor in Maryland (Washington, D.C., metro area), where it will be held on Sept. 26-30.

Attendees can continue to register for the event. Once ASHES has further reviewed the hotel room situation, it will be sending a message announcing when the hotel will be taking reservations.

ASHES thanks you in advance for your support and hopes to see you at the Gaylord National Harbor for yet another successful meeting.

For updated information, go to www.ashes.org.

ASHES offers online CHESP study group

ASHES is offering an online Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional (CHESP) Study Group, which will start on April 26 and last six weeks. CHESP candidates or potential candidates will collaborate, interact, review material and help each other prepare for the exam. It focuses on the following content areas: Regulatory Compliance, Design and Construction, Environmental Sanitation, Waste Management, Textile Management, and Finance and Administration. For more information, visit www.ashes.org.