Given the challenges and promises transforming the nation's health care delivery system today, it seems appropriate that one of our partner organizations has set upon its own path toward transformation.

At its annual conference last month, the American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services (ASHES) unveiled its new name and identity as the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE).

As noted in the AHE President's Letter on page 46 of this issue, the change was in the works for a couple of years and backed by a series of research projects designed to shed light on the feelings, opinions and needs of the organization's stakeholders.

Among other things, the 25-year-old organization found that its members' job duties were much broader than they once were and that the organization's previous identity no longer accurately described all the tasks for which its members were responsible.

Indeed, the efficiency demands of health reform, coupled with the economic realities of the Great Recession and hot-button quality issues like patient safety, are causing all of Health Facilities Management's reader groups to rethink their roles within their hospitals and the nation's health care system.

And while most of the professional organizations representing their interests aren't likely to go to the lengths of a name change, they're all expanding their services and product offerings to help their members through these demanding yet hopeful times.

So, here's to the AHE, a venerable organization embarking on its second quarter-century of excellence with a brand new identity and a proud history dedicated to helping its members meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.