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Smart Design

The new Serin faucet collection includes smart features such as self-adapting sensor technology and optional thermostatic mixing. Flow-rate options include a low-flow rate of 0.5 gpm with pressure-compensating multilaminar spray, or a 1.5-gpm flow rate with pressure-compensating laminar flow. It offers a number of power systems. Both deck-mount and wall-mount options are available.American Standard

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Critical Protection

CleanSource HD UPS is an ideal fit for the demands of health care. The flywheel-based CleanSource HD is proven to reduce system failure risk by 80 percent versus a legacy UPS. The system is the most power-dense UPS in its range, delivering critical backup power in half the space versus an equivalent battery UPS.Active Power

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Nothing Wasted

Slim Jim Step-On refuse container combines a slender design, smaller footprint and durable construction, making optimal use of space, while allowing for hands-free operation. It is available in resin or stainless steel, five sizes and eight colors. The container features a quiet lid; a commercial-grade foot pedal; and an internal hinge design.Rubbermaid

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In The Air

Liebert Custom Air Handling Units are capable of supporting large complex data center environments. With multiple configuration and design options, these air handling solutions can be tailored easily to fit specific challenges. The line includes the Liebert Chilled Water Air Handler, Liebert Direct Evaporative Freecooling Unit, Liebert Indirect Evaporative Freecooling Unit and the Liebert DX Air Handler.Emerson Network Power

Cleaning Equipment

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Trend Monitoring

SureTrend data analysis software uses a hospital’s ATP Cleaning Verification test results to generate reports showing environmental services personnel performance, cleanliness trends, overall cleaning thoroughness and more. The reports are automatically emailed to the user’s inbox. It can be installed on a network server and links devices, departments and even hospitals.Hygiena

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Clean Conservation

Model 20/80 with touchscreen technology and UV disinfection cleans fast and thoroughly, and applies UV disinfection onto clean surfaces. Wheelchairs, commodes and other patient care equipment can be cleaned and disinfected in less than six minutes. Model 20/80 requires less than four gallons of water for cleaning, disinfection and rinsing.HUBSCRUB Co.

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Keeping House

The Shuttle Series is a completely redesigned line of metal housekeeping carts. The new line features rounded corners, wider door openings that allow easier access into the locking cabinet, and a new lock location on the front of the cart designed to prevent frequent key breakage. All carts include 5-inch swivel quiet casters and adjustable shelves.Geerpres

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Wireless Solution

The OmniFlex AutoVac with lithium-ion smart battery technology is a cordless system that can clean up to 20,000 sq. ft. per hour. Fresh cleaning solution is always applied directly to the floor area to be cleaned. As the machine moves over the floor, the system simultaneously spreads the cleaning solution and provides enough agitation to loosen soils, which are vacuumed up by the AutoVac.KaiVac

Building Controls

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Structurally Sound

StruxureWare Building Operation provides integrated monitoring, control and management of energy, lighting, fire safety and HVAC. Recent updates to the software include features that are designed to increase scalability, protect against cyber threats, enhance usability and system access while saving time and reducing energy costs.Schneider Electric

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Remote Control

Diamond Controls Solutions allows remote access to monitor and control building systems across multiple areas within the same building, at multiple buildings on a site or across multiple sites. Displayable trends include building and space occupancy, CO2 levels, energy generation, energy usage, humidity levels and more.Mitsubishi Electric

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Detailed Reporting

Tracer Concierge is a simplified building automation system that provides centralized control of a building’s HVAC and lighting systems. The Web-enabled software includes scheduling functions that can be configured easily to a specific facility and optimal start and stop function. It can capture and measure energy data.Trane

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Controlled Integration

The Desigo CC building management station provides optimized monitoring and control of integrated smart buildings, fire and life safety, lighting, building automation, and power and energy systems. The technology incorporates real-time video for event verification. The building management station is ideal for new or retrofit applications in all health care facilities.Siemens Industry Inc.

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