The ASHE Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition, being held July 12–15 in Boston, features opportunities for attendees to learn about facility management issues and develop career plans.

One-on-one opportunities

Attendees have exciting opportunities to gain one-on-one support. Representatives from key organizations will be holding office hours throughout the conference. Attendees can sit down for private conversations with:

DNV-GL Healthcare. Randall Snelling, chief physical environment officer, DNV Healthcare Inc.

Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program. Brad Keyes, CHSP, owner, Keyes Life Safety Compliance LLC

The Joint Commission. Anne Guglielmo, CFPS, CHFM, CHSP, LEED AP, engineer, Standards Interpretation Group

ASHE also is offering one-on-one career coaching sessions at the ASHE Connect booth. Jack Gosselin, FASHE, CHFM, principal of Gosselin Associates, will review résumés and help attendees build career road maps.

Keep your facility in compliance

Several sessions at the conference will address top compliance concerns. George Mills, FASHE, CEM, CHFM, CHSP, and Dale Woodin, CHFM, FASHE, will discuss a joint compliance initiative between the Joint Commission and ASHE in an important plenary session. In addition, other sessions specifically address various elements of performance from the Joint Commission:

• EC.02.02.01 EP5: A session will address OSHA’s Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals and two compliance deadlines in 2015.

• EC.02.03.05 EPs 2, 3, 4, 5, 19 and 25: A session on getting the most out of end-to-end testing and commissioning of fire alarm systems and other fire safety systems.

• EC.02.05.01 EPs 1 and 15; EC.02.06.01 EP 13: A session on ventilation requirements will provide tools and tips on providing an optimum and compliant physical health care environment.

• EC.02.02.01 EPs 1, 3, 4, 5 and 11: A session on environmental waste regulations will help facility professionals to develop strategic responses to increasing enforcement of Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Registration is now open for the ASHE Annual Conference. Visit to register for these unique opportunities.

Patrick J. Andrus, CAE, is ASHE’s deputy executive director of operations.


Important monographs available from ASHE

Following are two recently released monographs that can be accessed by ASHE members as free PDFs at

HCAHPS Scores, the Patient Experience, and the Affordable Care Act from the Facility Perspective. This new ASHE monograph explores how the health care physical environment and facility professionals can improve patient satisfaction scores.

Risk Assessment of Medical Equipment. A key part of the Joint Commission’s environment of care management plans, risk assessments of medical equipment are covered in this new ASHE monograph. It presents a framework for facilities professionals to follow.

Design guidelines available to industry through ASHE

The 2014 editions of the Facility Guidelines Institute’s Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities and the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Residential Health, Care, and Support Facilities can be purchased at