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The Cellular Machines product line sends real-time sensor data over a cellular network where it can be received on mobile devices or reviewed on desktops via a cloud server. Comprising easy-to-install hardware and a monthly cellular access/monitoring service, the first mass-market offering is a standard temperature monitoring kit for refrigerated assets in health care applications. Anaren Inc.

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Enterprise Buildings Integrator Release 430 introduces new features to streamline everyday tasks with intelligent automation and optimized mobile access. The user-friendly and Web-enabled integration platform provides automated monitoring and control to optimize operational and cost efficiencies.Honeywell Building Solutions

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These hand-hygiene monitoring devices provide real-time feedback and custom reports on compliance. The system’s plug-in devices do not require rewiring and work with most hand-hygiene dispensers. Personnel wearing active real-time locating system badges are detected and identified upon entering patient rooms.AiRISTA LLC

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Indigo-Clean is a continuous environmental disinfection system that uses visible light to automatically, safely and continuously kill harmful bacteria within the environment. The light fixture can be installed easily into the ceiling of any room in a hospital, constantly disinfecting beyond current cleaning protocols. This system is designed to kill harmful bacteria in the air, and on hard and soft surfaces 24/7.Kenall Manufacturing


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The HD Multisensor camera offers complete monitoring of wide areas and the ability to digitally zoom in on any movement occurring within the field of view. Depending on the model, either three or four camera heads can be positioned at one location using a single Ethernet cable, housing and camera license. Its multidirectional cameras can cover challenging angles within a 360-degree field of view, with each camera positioned independently along three axes.Avigilon

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The CyberKey Air is a new, Wi-Fi-enabled, programmable smart key. It can be uploaded with key-holder schedules and permissions for accessing CyberLock electronic cylinders without the need to physically connect the key to a communication device. It is the newest addition to the CyberLock access control system, which uses electronic lock cylinders, programmable keys and CyberAudit software.CyberLock Inc.

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Blue Alert mass notification software offers users a new way to integrate third-party notification platforms with a custom Web service tool to configure requests to be sent to an external server or application program interface. The tool also includes preset configurations for ComQi, a provider of cloud-based shopper engagement technology, and Information Station Specialists, a provider of emergency information radio systems.Code Blue Corp.

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The Elpas Mother Bracelet pairs with the radio-frequency identification-enabled Elpas Infant Protection Charm, providing real-time indoor positioning data of an infant’s location. A match test may be performed at any time after initial pairing between Mother Bracelet and Infant Charm, indicating to the nursing staff that there is a proper match between mother and baby. Once paired, a mother may use the bracelet to escort her infant through protected exits.Tyco Security Products

Real-time locating systems

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The SmartTag Mini incorporates ultrasound positioning technology with Wi-Fi and low-frequency technologies. The small, multiuse tag is designed for patients, staff and smaller-sized mobile equipment. It comes with a tamper-proof option that triggers an alert for noncompliant removal. It can be used with such applications as patient wandering, infant protection, theft prevention and hand-hygiene compliance.Sonitor Technologies Inc.

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MobileView Analytics is a dynamic data visualization tool that displays intuitive and interactive dashboards offering operational insight. It is a component of the MobileView software platform. Out-of-the-box dashboards for MobileView Analytics include patient flow, environmental monitoring, asset management and hand-hygiene compliance monitoring.Stanley Healthcare

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The patent-pending Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) real-time locating system platform has been developed to meet the growing needs of health care location services with one technology platform. BLE technology provides data transfer over Wi-Fi and is battery powered to deliver location accuracy and responsiveness with low installation and maintenance costs.Awarepoint Corp.

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Ekahau Vision 3.0 is built on an open platform for integration to and from virtually any information system or technical device. Visible features of the software include the par level, and people and asset utilization status dashboards. These dashboards convey such custom data as target temperature-threshold status, real-time staff availability, visitor wait durations, and assets-in-use levels for flow analysis.Ekahau Inc.

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