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The medical gas monitoring and notification system TotalAlert Infinity helps health facilities respond faster to medical gas alerts. The 10.2-inch LCD touchscreen displays preprogrammed, customized instruction based on the nature of the problem. It gives staff sufficient information to determine whether equipment is safe to use. An onboard history log tracks events to create a record.BeaconMedaes

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The External Field Illuminator for operating rooms uses large arrays of LEDs. The LEDs can be varied in both color and intensity, allowing surgeons to optimize the lighting for specific procedures. The system also eliminates flickering that often goes unnoticed but can lead to eye fatigue. The dimming technology flashes the LEDs at an imperceptible rate. C3 Lighting

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The sound-absorbing and sound-blocking performance of Ultima Health Zone ceilings addresses concerns over noise control and speech privacy. The panels have a Ceiling Attenuation Class 38 rating with a noise-reduction coefficient of at least .70. The surfaces are water-repellent, washable and scrubbable.Armstrong World Industries Inc.

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Spectra 600 Series uses high-intensity UVC light to eliminate pathogens. It can be used for daily decontamination of small rooms, providing 99 percent efficacy in killing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficile spores. The product is designed for post-acute, clinical and other ambulatory environments.Spectra 254 LLC


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The Forte line includes a lounge chair and an armless guest chair. The chairs are engineered for demanding health care environments and suitable for use in behavioral health facilities. Made from molded polyethylene, the chairs feature wide widths and ergonomic contours for support. The chairs are pitched slightly forward for comfortable sitting at tables. A molded in-access port with a threaded screw cap allows for sand ballast weighting capability.Norix Group Inc.

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MOSS Ditto lounge seating collection is designed for lobbies, waiting areas and other community spaces in acute care facilities. It includes a variety of modular pieces, including a left arm, right arm and armless seating as well as ottomans and tables. It is available in a variety of fabric and finish options. The seating incorporates power modules into the units, including USB ports for visitors and staff.CFGroup

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Treston Medi mobile workstation base cart is lightweight and ergonomic. Accessories can be mounted on the rail surrounding the work surface. A laptop computer can be placed on the work surface or beneath it, while the rear recess allows users to conceal the keyboard. An independent keyboard can be stored on the work surface or on a keyboard tray. Perforations allow for cables to be connected to the laptop.Sovella Inc.

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The Soothe patient recliner features a pivoting arm to make patient transfers easier for both patient and caregiver. It features a footrest and infinite recline. Optional features include lock casters, foley hook for medical bags, an IV pole mount and a push handle to reduce back strain and support the caregivers as they position the chair within treatment areas. The chair’s moisture barrier adds an extra layer of protection and makes cleaning easier.The HON Co.

Hard Flooring

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EnviroHEALTH is a 100 percent polyvinyl chloride-free resilient flooring product. It is pre-applied in the factory with the EnviroSTIX polyacrylic adhesive system. The nonporous, ionomer wear surface comes in five products: fleck tile, abstract, non-plankwood, three-inch plank and two-inch plank. Each product provides dent resistance and spill protection.Base King LLC

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FreeStyle ESD interlocking tiles are available in static dissipative or conductive Meg-Ohm ratings. The free-lay system does not require adhesives or copper foil strips. It can be installed over concrete, wood, rubber, vinyl, composite tiles and other standard floors. The tiles can be cleaned using a mop or sponge as well as a power scrubber or buffer.SelecTech Inc.

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Kinetex planks combine a soft textile with the durability of hard-surface flooring. The flooring is constructed of knitted polyester fabric and cushioned polyester felt backing. Its stain- and crush-resistant properties can withstand more than 5 million foot traffic events. Its two patterns, Umbra and Umbra Stripe, are ideal for 18- by 36-inch tiles.J+J Flooring Group

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Trenta, a collection of wood, stone and textured looks, is a luxury vinyl tile for the contract market. The tile’s 30-millimeter wear layer exceeds industry performance for heavy commercial loads and traffic. Its commercial-grade urethane finish protects its surface. The line is available in three tile sizes and was created for flexibility of design, delivering a variety of colors and textures.Mohawk Group

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