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SteraMist uses patented binary ionization technology to disable microorganisms. The process applies atmospheric cold plasma activation for fast-acting, broad-spectrum, biological decontamination, leaving behind only oxygen and water. SteraMist has a 99 percent efficacy in killing test microorganisms.TOMI Environmental Solutions Inc.

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Notify is a mobile call and alert system designed for senior community caregivers. The software provides instant communication and real-time data. Its applications include nurse call communication, and resident security and wandering alerts. It can integrate into a health facility’s security and communication networks. The Wi-Fi-enabled solution was built using nonproprietary Inovonics technology.Eldermark

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SR7010i is a multipurpose scale with a wall-mount design. It has a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, calculates BMI and can support ambulatory and semiambulatory patients using canes or walkers. It can handle patients confined to wheelchairs or stretchers and features a digital readout with memory and other functions.SR Instruments

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RPL-10 room pressure logger provides monitoring and data logging of the differential pressure between adjacent spaces in critical environments, such as compounding pharmacy clean rooms, laboratories and operating rooms. It also monitors door position with an option for monitoring temperature and humidity. The product features a digital display and push-button control.Holland Safety Equipment


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The Antimicrobial Recessor Troffer is a customizable light fixture designed specifically for hospital applications with direct and indirect lighting. The antimicrobial finish helps to prevent bacteria from growing on the light fixtures. The light contains custom sensor switching that allows for real-time monitoring of occupancy and motion. The light’s sensor can automatically lower lighting levels as occupancy decreases.Photonic Laboratories

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The Indy X-Series low-profile LED basket luminaires are designed for applications where space is limited. The fixtures deliver consistent, high-quality white light and uniform illumination without pixilation. Additional features include 3000K, 3500K, 4100K and 5000K color temperatures with an 80-color rendering index minimumJuno Lighting Group

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The Duet is a double-headed track fixture with rotatable gimbal rings. The twin fixtures can each be independently rotated 180 degrees of the die-cast center post. The post itself rotates horizontally 355 degrees. Concentrating the duo heads on one focal point helps to fully illuminate the subject, while alternating each head’s direction can illuminate broader areas, such as hallways.Nora Lighting

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Visiano offers an advanced LED light engine and LEDs with diamond-shaped optics to deliver 60,000 lux with CRI >95. Visiano is engineered to deliver a high-intensity, 7.5-inch light field. Four dimming levels and color switching temperatures (4500K or 3500K) customize light to specific tasks. The product is available in ceiling, table, wall or rail configurations.Waldmann Lighting

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

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Proteus MMX 3.2’s newest version extends the software’s work order, alarm and scheduling features. Users can access an in-house active directory for service requests and have the ability to configure separate service request pages for different departments and divisions. A quick screen allows work orders to be created on one page and a “remember me” check box is included on the software’s login page.Eagle Technology Inc.

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The Bigfoot Computerized Maintenance Management System Enterprise and Enterprise+ have been updated with new features, including a job planner that provides an interactive analysis of labor resources to ensure that appropriate team members are neither over- or underutilized. It also includes a work-order-to-purchase order function.Smartware Group Inc.

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Q Ware is specifically designed for small- and medium-sized organizations. Using the cloud-based interface, users can access five facility maintenance modules: work orders, preventive maintenance scheduling, inventory management, asset management and facility event scheduling. It helps users improve record-keeping, share information and reduce paper records.C&S Cos.

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TMS OnLine is a flexible application that allows users to proactively manage information. The tool’s standard modules include asset tracking, materials management, event scheduling, reporting, resource management, and work order input and tracking. Users also can store procedures and instructions on how to complete work orders and set up schedules.Four Rivers Software Systems Inc.

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