The physical environment can play a significant role in positive outcomes as well as patient and caregiver satisfaction.

But to achieve these lofty ideals, hospitals, designers, caregivers and others need to be forward-thinking in their approach. Careful consideration needs to be given to design approaches and materials that facilitate not only patient comfort and aesthetics, but also caregiver safety and prevention from injuries in the workplace.

Today, hospitals are paying closer attention to these issues as well as the environmental impact of the materials used in health care spaces.

In this installment of Interiors, we explore all of these issues through the lens of products designed to facilitate the needs of patients and caregivers today and into the future.

»Taking care of caregivers
By Amy Eagle

»Green under foot
By Amy Eagle

»A note of acknowledgement

In our first report, "Taking Care of Caregivers," we explore some of the latest design trends that improve the environment of care by improving the environment of caregivers. This report provides insights on furniture, lighting, computing and storage options designed to provide ergonomic and other benefits for nurses and others in patient care settings.

In our report titled "Green Under Foot," we look at how flooring manufacturers are creating products that align with hospitals' sustainability goals. Some are increasing the amount of recycled content included in flooring products, while others are creating installation systems that don't use glue and require far less adhesive to install.

With hospitals having to do more with less and continue to fulfill their mission of being good environmental stewards, thinking further ahead about the ramifications of product choices is essential.

Bob Kehoe
Associate Publisher,
Health Facilities Management