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The IV Suspension System (ISS) helps to manage IV poles with mounted IV infusion pumps and other bedside equipment during intrahospital transports. ISS can be attached or detached by depressing a single foot pedal that lifts and lowers the supporting wheels off the floor. The ISS allows hospital staff to transport patients with necessary bedside equipment attached to the bed.Medovex Corp.

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The Optimum-UV Enlight System kills 31 pathogens in five minutes at a distance of eight feet. It combines ultraviolet light technology with data collection and reporting capabilities, tracking where, when and how it is working. A color touch-screen interface allows users to manage rooms, locations and operators for analytics.Clorox Professional Products Co.

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Gridd and Gridd Power provide easy underfloor access to a facility’s cables and wiring. Gridd is an adaptive cabling distribution system that apportions cables throughout a building beneath the finished floor. Gridd Power is a 50-amp electrical bus track system that allows devices and furniture to easily connect to electricity in the Gridd system.FreeAxez LLC

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Wireless Receptacle Controls extend occupancy-based lighting control to plug loads. It uses radio-frequency (RF) technology and works with existing line voltage wiring, minimizing the need for retrofits. It facilitates auto-on/auto-off occupancy-based control of plug loads and includes an RF transmitter and intelligent RF receptacles.WattStopper

Digital signage

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The MultiSync X555UNS is an ultra-narrow bezel video wall display. Its low bezel gap allows for minimal distance between neighboring displays. It uses a superstructural insulated panel, which results in better angled viewing and less color shift along with 10-bit color processing. Its FrameComp software compensates for the content lag typically seen in larger video walls with horizontal moving objects.NEC Display Solutions of America Inc.

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Elementi digital signage software allows users to create, edit, preview and publish digital signage playlists or layouts using an intuitive interface that supports single-click, and drag-and-drop actions. An adjustable timeline allows organizations to control the media over a specified project duration. Users can view content status on an unlimited number of devices, and a shared network fosters a collaborative environment.SpinetiX AG

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The VH7B full high-definition video wall display features a less than 2 mm bezel. Its built-in, high-performance system-on-a-chip eliminates the need for an external media player. The manufacturer’s webOS for Signage platform enables a variety of Web-based applications across multiple platforms and the ability to write applications using HTML 5. The displays can be arranged in up to a 15-by-15 video wall matrix.LG Electronics Inc.

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JANUS displays provide wayfinding solutions that direct patients and visitors through complex floor plans. The solution can be an interactive experience that leads visitors to any room of their choosing or a dynamic map that highlights key areas within a facility, giving the fastest route to that location. The solution is partnered with a quick-load mobile app. Its soon-to-be-released wayfinding editor, a content management system, will allow for easy map updates and changes.Morrow Technologies Inc.


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Surface Armor is a proprietary blend of ingredients that cleans, disinfects and protects. The EPA-registered product contains cleaning agent sodium borate and antimicrobial solution benzalkonium chloride. A unique organosilane molecule continues to protect against the formation of biofilm for months with a single application, even after repeated cleaning. Surface Armor destroys germs in a way that does not allow genetic adaptation.Hygenesis LLC

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The Flow Control System is a chemical management system that takes the variability out of mixing cleaning chemical solutions. It holds up to four half-gallon chemical concentrate bottles, with 17 different high-performing cleaning products available. It has a built-in flow control technology that delivers cleaning solutions.3M

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Avert sporicidal disinfectant cleaner is a task-oriented solution for use during Clostridium difficile outbreaks or in hyperendemic settings. It has a one-minute contact time against key pathogens such as Norovirus, and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and four minutes against C. difficile spores.Diversey Care

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Sani-Cloth disposable wipes come in five versions. Sani-Cloth AF3 is effective against 44 microorganisms in three minutes while the Sani-Cloth bleach wipes are ideal for disinfecting high-risk areas endemic with Clostridium difficile. Super Sani-Cloth has a fast contact time for quick room turnover and Sani-Cloth Plus is ideal for alternate care settings such as physician offices. Sani-Cloth HB is effective against more than 100 microorganisms.PDI Inc.

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