SUSTAINABILITY // iScrap is a mobile application and website that connects health care construction professionals with the scrap yard industry. Rather then sending waste to landfills, users can review and check reported prices in their area to get the best price for scrap produced during construction and renovation. New features to the website include a reported price feature and a redesigned home page and interface.

PLUMBING // Chicago Faucets new thermostatic mixing valves brochure showcases its entire line of thermostatic mixing valves and explains how they complement the company’s electronic or manual faucets. The brochure demonstrates how plumbing professionals can combine mixing valves with quality fittings to help deliver water at a safe, consistent temperature and reduce the risk of scalding.

DESIGN // RedRick Technologies in collaboration with CannonDesign has released a planning guide focused on medical imaging reading room optimization. The guide provides practical, educational guidance with an emphasis on how to employ ergonomic principles to eliminate repetitive motion injuries, and planning spaces to enhance communication between radiologists and clinicians.