INTERIORS // Interface’s life-cycle cost analysis of various flooring options compares hard, resilient and soft flooring materials using a building service life of 50 years and provides estimated life-cycle costs for each. The comparisons include the initial costs of each product as well as the costs of maintenance and maintenance equipment. The cost data use national averages and do not account for special pricing.

ENGINEERING // Greenheck’s eCAPS Fan Application Suite and Computer Aided Product Selection Design software were made to help in the building design phase. eCAPS is a fan selection program that allows easy comparison of multiple fans while the CAPS software includes the industry’s widest selection of air movement, control and conditioning equipment. It also can be used to determine sizing, fan curves and configuration details.

CONSTRUCTION // Royal Roofing offers a report on mold, including how to detect signs of mold, different types of mold, mold clean-up and prevention procedures, and the negative effects associated with it, including how mold affects the health of humans and buildings. The report urges readers to first understand mold’s exact nature before implementing mold clean-up and prevention procedures.