The Affordable Care Act carries with it a carrot-and-stick approach to improving hospital safety. And while debate continues about the fairness and equity of the rewards and punishments, there’s no argument that hundreds of hospitals already are paying a steep price when they don’t measure up to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ quality and safety measures. MORE


Facility-related operations play bigger role in patient safety

Health facilities professionals know that creating a safe environment for patients is vastly more complicated than just implementing effective hand-hygiene programs and installing seamless epoxy flooring to prevent slips and falls. MORE


Builders, designers impact patient safety in health care facilities

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The Center for Health Design has developed a comprehensive interactive microsite that shows how to use design strategies in a variety of health care rooms to improve patient safety.


Hospitals lay battle plan to fight aggressive pathogens

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This downloadable infographic shows some of the risks of C. difficile and preventative measures that health facilities can take to prevent its spread.

This downloadable infographic shows how a coordinated communication plan could result in fewer infections in facilities.


Infrastructures to improve patient safety

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This downloadable graphic shows the top 10 health technology hazards for 2016.

This downloadable chart shows which safety technologies are most likely to be installed in hospital facilities.


New regulations emphasize patient safety in the supply chain

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This animated infographic from NSF shares handwashing information for the pharmaceutical industry.

This timeline from the Pew Charitable Trusts contains the dates for adoption of the various parts of the Drug Supply Chain and Security Act.