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New sizes for the Models FSD-311 and FSD-312 airfoil blade and combination fire-smoke damper are now available. The line increased available sizes in individual product classes by 20 percent, now offering widths as great as 144 inches and heights up to 100 inches. The electronically actuated product line has a 1.5-hour fire-resistance and is UL 555 and UL555S listed.Greenheck

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Shield by Panaz is the latest fabric to join Clickeze Privacy Systems’ line. Inherent qualities within the fabric’s silane-based technology work to resist stains, repel liquids, and limit antimicrobial growth to inhibit the spread of mold and mildew. The fabric can be used in Clickeze’s cubical curtains, shower curtains, window treatments and bedspreads. Inpro Corp.

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MAXX Durable floor finish was designed to bear under high-traffic settings, such as health care facilities. The low-odor formula holds up to wear and tear by reducing burnishing frequency and extending stripping and recoat cycles. Each coat of the floor finish dries in 20 minutes or less. The finish also is repairable and strippable.Ecolab

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The UV Mini lamp system is the newest addition to the Ice UV product line. The product’s ultraviolet germicidal irradiation light technology works 24/7 to eliminate slime and other biological contaminates from condensate drains and other countertop ice and water dispenser interiors. Its low-intensity discharge does not damage sensitive ice flaker plastic or metal internal parts.Fresh Aire UV

Power Equipment

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Fingersafe IP2X Barriers reduce the risk of electrical shock and the likelihood of triggering an arc flash event due to a dropped tool when working with energized equipment. The advanced safety features were designed for critical infrastructure systems that cannot afford downtimes, such as health care data centers, which means panelboard servicing can occur without interrupting power service.Schneider Electric

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The Power Xpert Gateway 900 is an electrical system communications device designed to deliver easy, remote access to power system parameters and alarms through a Web browser. The flexible and expandable technology can be used in a small system consisting of a single piece of equipment or scaled up for multiple pieces of equipment or systems.Eaton Corp

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Energy Series 4000 generator sets cover power ranges from 1125 to 3250 kWe. The series is approved for an 85 percent, 24-hour average load factor. Its new design and scope of services allow the generator sets to be more easily integrated into customer projects. The systems can cover continuous, emergency and peak-power requirements.MTU Onsite Energy

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The ASCO Series 300 system eliminates job-specific engineering for either prime or emergency power applications that require paralleling two, three or four gen-sets. It can synchronize, parallel and provide load-sharing for a wide range of gen-sets of different sizes and manufacturers using bias signals to the voltage regulator and governor. The series features load bus optimization and generator load demand.Emerson Network Power

Digital Signage

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Attend Patient Signage informs the clinician to critical care information — e.g., fluid restrictions, infection risks, medication alerts. Mounted outside the patient room, sliders reveal the applicable care information on printed inserts. The inserts allow quick changes, even daily updates if necessary. The slider design functions within the sign’s 8.5-inch width, enabling use between door frames in close proximity.Takeform

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EZ ID is a wireless, ADA-compliant digital sign system that allows users to manage and administer identification signage from any location. The product uses secure diffused infrared communication technology with no Internet connection. The system comes with long-lasting five-year batteries and does not require hard wiring of any kind.2/90 Sign Systems

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Welcome + is an intuitive visitor registration system that compiles multiple administrative functions into one solution. The digital system answers many questions typically handled by front desk staff. It also registers guests and can print guest passes and name tags with three easy steps. Each visit is logged so users can access a full history of visits.Ask Cody

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The multiscreen HMP300 and HMP350 digital signage players are fully customizable using the open-source software application Elementi. The systems are easy to integrate with ready-to-use features such as data feeds, graphs, widgets, video playback and playlist scheduling. The HMP350 model's advanced technology allows video walls, LED displays, interactivity and streaming.SpinetiX

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