SAFETY // The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has created a new website dedicated to preventing workplace violence in health care settings. The site includes resources such as “Preventing Workplace Violence: A Road Map for Healthcare Facilities” and “Workplace Violence Prevention and Related Goals: The Big Picture.”

INFECTION // Chicago Faucets’ new Healthcare Solutions brochure features plumbing fittings that meet the special requirements of hospitals. It also provides details on how to fight health care-associated infections through proper hand hygiene and the benefits of hands-free faucet operation, including electronic sensor faucets and remote pedal and knee valves.

WAYFINDING // Wifarer’s white paper “The Cost of Lost Patients” discusses the connection between wayfinding, patient satisfaction and the hospital’s bottom line. The paper reviews research on the impact of wayfinding on patient stress, staff morale and productivity, as well as the potential of mobile solutions to address these issues.