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The Qt Patient Privacy System is a speech protection system designed for reception areas, exam rooms and pharmacies. It consists of a control module, two lighted privacy signs and a series of direct-field, sound-masking emitters. Once the module is turned on, the emitters installed in the ceiling add a low-level background sound into the space, making human speech less intelligible.Cambridge Sound Management Inc.

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The Aware alarm management and reporting software system is designed to help hospitals improve alarm management and reduce alarm fatigue. The system allows hospitals to aggregate alarm data by time, date and care setting. Hospitals can use the data to identify alarms with the highest frequency, and develop and execute alarm protocols.Nihon Kohden Corp.

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Axiom direct light coves feature a low-profile design for ultralow plenum clearance along with plug-and-play lighting. The indirect light coves offer a variety of choices for both ceiling-to-wall and ceiling-to-ceiling options. Both are made from extruded aluminum and integrate with the maker’s acoustical and drywall suspension systems.Armstrong Corp.

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Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) cleans the air by destroying airborne organic compounds, even those that are small enough to pass through traditional filters. For example, PCO removes 99.99 percent of methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in a single pass, as well as other submicron contaminants. The technology integrates directly into an HVAC system or it can serve as a stand-alone option inside the space.Genesis Air


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The LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robot is a portable disinfection system that destroys antibiotic-resistant bacteria in a four-minute cycle. The robot uses pulsed xenon to create broad-spectrum, highly intense light covering the entire germicidal spectrum. Users report disinfecting 30 to 62 hospital rooms per day. Health care facilities can track changes in health care-associated infection (HAI) rates by correlating the use of the robot with the facility’s own real-time HAI data.Xenex Disinfection Services

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The Optimum-UV Enlight System uses ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology. It features four maximum-output lamps for strong UV-C intensity. The lamps are encapsulated in polymer for safety. An aluminum reflector mast allows for efficient energy distribution, and Dose Verify cards ensure that the appropriate UV-C dose has been received on a target surface.Clorox Professional Products Co.

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HaloMist is an EPA-registered disinfecting fogging formula that can be used with the HaloFogger system to deliver the correct concentration and contact time for treating all exposed surfaces within a room. The no-wipe, no-rinse product delivers touch-free disinfection at a 6-log kill rate against Clostridium difficile spores. The system’s indicator light shows how much disinfectant remains in the reservoir.Halosil International Inc.

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This germ-eliminating UV disinfection robot uses patented Sensor360 technology to analyze a space, including its size, shape and contents, to deliver an automated, germicidal dose of UV light to kill up to 99.9 percent of pathogens. It operates from a single position and can disinfect a typical patient room in approximately 20 to 25 minutes, freeing up staff to complete tasks in other areas.Tru-D SmartUVC


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The 75-pound capacity Energy Advantage dryers are energy-efficient, multiload dryers featuring 100 percent axial airflow, resulting in less energy usage and faster dry times. Its solid basket design along with tempered glass helps to keep warm air in the dryer pocket, forcing more heated air through the load. It also features a dual wet-dry combustion system, a reversing cylinder and multilingual readouts to accommodate different language needs.Maytag

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The 39 Series plastic utility trucks are offered with an optional, ergonomic, spring-loaded platform that automatically rises as goods are removed to ensure that work is properly positioned at a comfortable height for easy access. The platform sets a rotationally molded, waterproof plastic platform atop a smooth steel spring mechanism that can accommodate heavy loads of bagged laundry, loose linens and other goods.MODRoto Inc.

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SilvaClean is a water-based ionic silver treatment for fabrics that can be applied at each laundry cycle to provide persistent antimicrobial activity between launderings. It can be applied to all hospital textiles without changes to existing materials or protocols. Its maker provides in-the-field test kits so customers can ensure that their textiles are protected with SilvaClean.Applied Silver

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The UYN275 softmount washer-extractor is made with high-quality stainless steel and is equipped with an intuitive control system and networking capabilities. The UYN275’s laundry management system, powered by the PROform Control, provides complete control of laundry operation and allows managers to monitor machine setup and wash program updates remotely. Additionally, the UYN275 features a freestanding design for easy installation.UniMac

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