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The KR615 UV Germicidal Enclosure decontaminates high-touch medical and nonmedical devices, such as stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, nurse call buttons, pillow speakers, EKG wires, cellphones and more. It also can treat devices that need to stay plugged in using its cord/wire routing feature.Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems LLC

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This dashboard and reporting suite is designed to help reduce patient noise disturbances in hospitals. The new predictive analytics solution is built on the real-time streaming data of the maker’s decibel sensor network. The dashboard predicts the noise for individual nursing units throughout the day and identifies the causes. Quietyme

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Rampart is a collection of impact-resistant, wall-protection products engineered for high-traffic spaces. It combines resilience and flexibility to protect against scratches, dents and scrapes. It features heavy-duty construction and a specially formulated finish to ensure long-wearing walls, and can be cleaned with soap and water, as well as harsher cleaning agents.Wolf-Gordon

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This laminar flow diffuser for critical environments is designed to comply with ASHRAE 170. As the industry standard for unidirectional flow in operating rooms, the vertical piston of air created by the laminar flow is used to discharge clean air over the patient during operations. It includes snap-in, auto-centering filter retainers and reduces the amount of time during installation and removal of filters.Titus

Cleaning Equipment

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The BD 40/66 (disk) and BR 40/66 (cylindrical), are heavy-duty, ride-on scrubbers designed to meet the toughest floor care challenges. Each system has a 62-gallon solution tank, 66-gallon recovery tank, 40-inch cleaning width, and 51-inch wide squeegee, allowing them to clean 75,347 square feet per hour. An “automatic mode” starts all necessary components when turned on but gradually starts motors for added safety.Tornado Industries

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The Hushtone 6Q Backpack vacuum has a two-speed motor, which causes less disruption at 69 decibels. The product is lightweight but powerful, allowing cleaning crews to cover more space in less time. The cordless backpack, available this summer, boasts a quick-change M-PWR 40-volt lithium ion battery for even more freedom and less downtime.Hoover Commercial

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The 3.0 Fill Station wall-mounted dispenser provides an on-site, on-demand cleaning solution. It infuses cold water with ozone gas to create aqueous ozone, a natural and robust cleaning solution. It can be attached to a water source in a janitorial closet and aqueous ozone can be poured into auto scrubbers to clean floors, or into sprayers to clean counters, walls and more.CleanCore

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The Easy Trap Duster holds dust, dirt, sand and hair. It works on most horizontal surfaces and its low drag reduces worker fatigue. It also works in wet environments and can be used with current dusting tools. Made from proprietary fibers, its three-dimensional web structure is two-sided for longer use and is disposable. It is available in perforated 5-inch and 8-inch wide rolls and in a pop-up dispenser.3M

Building Controls

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Smart Multi Sensor is an accessory compatible with the maker’s LED troffers and downlights, designed for users who are looking to maximize energy savings with daylight harvesting and motion detection across an individual or network of fixtures. It uses ZigBee open protocol wireless technology, which provides the flexibility to upgrade to a lighting management system or a building management system.LG Electronics USA

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Air-Fi wireless technology provides greater reliability, simplified installation and more flexibility as building spaces change. It replaces the need for wired building controls, allowing installations to be completed quickly with less disruption to occupants. Air-Fi helps to optimize building performance reliably with self-repairing mesh technology that features redundant signal paths to help prevent communication failures.Trane

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The new PX3 Series transducers integrate with building controls and enable users to monitor system pressure and performance of HVAC and refrigeration equipment. With an external freeze/thaw resistance from -22 to 122 F, the PX3 Series transducers provide rugged environmental specs, including insulation resistance and freeze/thaw-resistance.Honeywell International Inc.

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Simplicity SE (Smart Equipment) controls are designed for 3- to 40-ton single-package rooftop units and 7.5- to 50-ton split systems. Users can access real-time reports using a browser on a smartphone or other mobile device. A patented algorithm turns raw data into actionable alerts regarding performance in temperature, pressures and humidity.York

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