Southco extension arm


The AV-D40 Series includes a tilt and swivel mount (K Series); a tilt, swivel and single arm (A Series); and a dual extension arm (D Series) designed with integrated positioning technology for precise control and customization of operation. The AV-D40 Series is compliant with the VESA standard and accommodates monitors up to 50.7 pounds. It features integrated wire management channels and a streamlined design with minimal joints. Southco

electronic glass patient room


LC Privacy Glass addresses visual and audible privacy issues in hospitals. The “electronic glass” can be switched from clear to private with the touch of a button for controlled visibility. It eliminates the need for fabric curtains, offering an easy maintenance solution for patient privacy. Innovative Glass Corp.

ChargeItSpot charging kisok


This charging kiosk contains eight separate and secure lockers, each equipped with three charging tips to enable compatibility with nearly all mobile devices. The easy-to-use touch-screen interface requires a mobile number and additional security image to gain entry to an available locker. ChargeItSpot LLC

Dur-A-Flex wall system


Dur-A-Wall HP is a high-performance wall system, offering flooring and wall coatings designed to meet the rigorous demands of health care environments. Its chemical-resistance properties and extreme scrubbing durability help it to last longer than traditional wall paints. The wall coating paired with the Accelera Fast-Track flooring system delivers a seamless floor-to-wall surface to aid in infection control. Dur-A-Flex Inc.

Allegion wireless lock


NDE wireless locks with Engage technology allow easy transition from mechanical keys to electronic access control on office and suite doors, restricted openings and security-sensitive areas. Users can gain optimal visibility and control of who has access. It can be used as a stand-alone solution managed with the Engage mobile application or integrated with the facilities’ networked access control system using the Engage Gateway. Allegion plc

Stanley lockdown solution


Best Shelter, a responsive lockdown solution, is designed for educational, business and health care environments. The Shelter fob allows for quick communication with the Shelter wireless system to initiate a lockdown and third-party notification of an emergency. It permits a fast and easy lockdown of one door, hallway or entire building. Stanley Security Solutions Inc.

3M Make it Yours biometric access control products


The Make it Yours biometric access control products are customizable readers that allow for multilayer authentication. Each contains a card reader, keypad and fingerprint scanner, allowing the reader to be customized to the security requirements for each location within a health care facility or hospital. 3M

Tyco security platform


C-CURE 9000 v2.50 security and event management platform enhances visitor management functionality. Personnel easily can create and manage scheduled visitor appointments using the visitor management web portal. The updated version includes Open Supervised Device Protocol support for reader-to-panel communications. Users can license double the previously supported access control door capacity. Tyco Security Products

Advance FM810 orbital floor cleaner


The Advance FM810 ST and XP orbital floor machines combine greater power with ease of use and versatility. The models are designed for wet and dry cleaning applications. Both the FM810 ST standard model and XP deluxe model include a 1.5-horsepower motor, 160 pounds of down pressure, and a 3,540-rpm pad driver. The vibration-dampening materials make the FM810 quiet enough at high speeds to use even when a building is occupied. Nilfisk 

impact earth floor pads


Impact Earth floor pads include top-quality stripping, scrubbing, spray buffing, polishing and burnishing pads in a variety of dimensions. The floor pads are made from renewable, plant-based materials and are part of the Department of Agriculture's Bio-Preferred program. Impact Products LLC

CFR Pro 500 cleaner


The Pro 500 continuous-flow recycling extractor is a 13-gallon upright unit used for a multitude of cleaning applications. The unique recycling technology reduces dump and refill downtime, which also reduces chemical usage. The equipment’s Perfect Heat system receives water from the pump and heats it within its coils to increase carpet cleaning efficiency. CFR

Tennant Co. B5 burnisher


The B5 and B7 walk-behind battery burnishers deliver high-performance results. Machines come standard with active HEPA dust control air filtration and a low-decibel level. A 90-degree, flip-up head enables a safe, ergonomic position when changing the floor pad, and an optional set-and-forget function allows the user to select optimal pad pressure. Tennant Co.

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