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Skysite InfoLink is an information management solution designed for building owners and facilities managers. It provides easy and secure cloud access to documents and information to help manage day-to-day facility operations while addressing compliance and data governance issues. Features include advanced search capabilities, data loss prevention and two-way sync between desktop and cloud. Arc Document Solutions


This digital patient room board display links to electronic health records and auxiliary monitoring systems to streamline work processes, and communicate updated and accurate information on the status of critical tasks relating to the care of individual patients. It displays data on patient’s fall risk, real-time mobility status, pain control and medication management plan, and compliance with patient safety procedures at-a-glance to care teams.Medi+Sign


The InTemp CX400 Series includes a range of Bluetooth low-energy data loggers for monitoring temperatures in refrigerators, freezers and storage areas. The InTemp mobile app enables users to view temperature data easily from CX400 loggers, check logger status, set alarms, and create and share secure PDF reports from mobile devices. Onset Computer Corp.


The TAD IV Transfer System enables the transfer of pole-mounted infusions and equipment. The system includes a transfer device with pole, a bed adapter and a headwall or boom adapter with an optional mobile docking station. Users position the system’s adapter over one cone, raise the bed until the transfer device unlocks from one cone while securely locking to the adjacent cone. Nexxspan Healthcare LLC



Zera is a new bed wall luminaire with three separate light scenarios that can work independently or in tandem to deliver the desired light output and color temperature: general ambient lighting (3000K), lighting for exams or simple procedures (4000K), and glare-free reading light (2700K). Its high color rendering index makes it easy to perform examinations or treatments when necessary. Waldmann Lighting


Tunable white luminaires with FineTune System offer a Bluetooth-enabled, mobile app, allowing users to control settings from their smart devices, as well as traditional wall-mounted controls. The system comes in 11 LED luminaire options. Users can tailor color temperature and intensity levels to enhance patient comfort, accelerate healing, and increase wakefulness during the day and hours of continuous sleep at night. Finelite Inc.


The ZR FD LED Series is a commercial spec-grade troffer that delivers 130 lumens per watt and up to 60 percent energy savings over fluorescent troffers. The troffer provides longevity with a 75,000-hour lifetime and payback in less than two years. It features a new matte reflector finish for improved aesthetics, reduced glare and uniform illumination. Cree Inc.


Columbia Lighting’s LTRX ambient/exam LED luminaire offers dual functionality for normal conditions and high lumens for critical exams. The LTRX features bilevel switching technology in a single package that uses standard controls. Step-dimming LED drivers enable the user to transition from ambient to exam light levels using two standard switches. Hubbell Lighting

Computerized maintenance management systems


This Mobile Device Management solution helps administrators monitor, manage and support all mobile devices, including the ability to remotely manage device policies, supervise device usage and control application distribution. This includes multiple options for enrolling devices, supporting common governance policies (e.g., lock, reset, wipe, install) and reviewing enrolled devices for security risks. Dude Solutions


AkitaBox automates maintenance, planning and inspections. The software collects and standardizes building asset and space information to provide actionable data to building owners and operators that reduces costs. It has been used on more than 75 million square feet of facilities, including hospitals and other health care facilities. AkitaBox


TThe HEMS computerized maintenance management system provides predictive analysis. Its functions include facility structure; plant and equipment; environment of care rounds; compliance for code; hazardous waste handling and disposal; project management; call escalation; security; move management; food service; and environmental services. EQ2 LLC 


The Interactive Image Mapping feature on this computerized maintenance-management system allows organizations to visualize their maintenance-management data on a floor plan, schematic, site map or any other image. Users can upload an image and place pins on it that point to their asset, work order, work request or inventory record. When users hover over each pin, they will see a snapshot of the pinpointed item, and can click to directly access the full record, view work history and schedule work. eMaint Enterprises LLC