ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES // Orkin’s Seasonal Guide to Pests can help to strengthen a health care organization's integrated pest management program not only in advance of high seasons for certain pests, but also all year long. The guide includes 11 pest profiles that range from termites and cockroaches to flies and birds, providing details on why they pose a risk, evidence of their activity, seasons when they’re most prevalent, prevention tips and potential treatments. 

DESIGN // CBRE Global Workplace Solutions’s new thought leadership white paper, "Lab of the Future," identifies changes taking place in life sciences and explores ways that laboratories of the future will be structured, equipped, staffed, operated and maintained for optimal performance. Authors Greg Weddle, vice president, innovation and products, and Hannah Hahn, Global Workplace innovation manager, consider the impact of technology and how laboratories can be designed to be fit for purpose within this changing landscape. The research concludes with an examination of how facilities management partners can influence the development of modern, efficient lab environments. 

INFECTION PREVENTION // Chicago Faucets’s new white paper, "Reducing the Risk of HAIs in Healthcare Facilities," discusses products and solutions designed specifically to assist in reducing the transmission of bacteria in health care facilities. It also discusses the importance of hand hygiene, explaining how improvements in hand washing can help to combat transmissions of waterborne bacteria such as Legionella from the water supply to patients and hospital personnel.The white paper also discusses four options used to mitigate transmission of waterborne bacteria: adjustments in water flow and temperature, chemical treatment and antibacterial treatment.