When your healthcare facility is poised for growth, there are many entities that will be impacted. Do you have a firm understanding of how this expansion will affect your employees, your patients and the quality of care? While growth and expansion is an exciting time for any organization, a smooth transition is critical for employees and patients alike to ensure your organization stays healthy throughout the process.

Setup swing space

In order to satisfy the need for flexible space, make use of swing space during a renovation, expansion or new construction project. Swing space allows healthcare organizations to continue with patient care as usual by replicating the standard set-up of the facility with all the necessary furnishings and equipment in a temporary space. In healthcare facilities, it is important for employees to remain focused and continue operations without downtime. Patients will feel at ease in a space that looks more finished, even if it is temporary, during everything from routine health exams to emergencies.

Some healthcare facility managers choose to implement a long-term swing space plan. Regardless of construction or renovation projects, healthcare facilities have to be prepared to accommodate the changing landscape of patients being treated at their facilities. When an emergency occurs, swing space also allows healthcare providers the ability to quickly adapt to meet the needs of patients in a timely manner.

See a real example from Baptist Health

Baptist Health, the largest non-profit hospital network in Miami, is a great example of a seamless expansion. In 2014, they broke ground on a $400 million cancer treatment and research center at their main campus in Miami, Florida, bringing proton therapy, bone marrow transplants, infusion chemotherapy, radiation and other clinical services to area residents.   

During this time of transition, CORT, the leading provider of furniture rental in the U.S., worked with Baptist Health to furnish swing spaces across the 370,000-square-foot expansion. CORT provided everything from work stations with sound masking panels, conference room tables and chairs for employees to have a comfortable work space; to private waiting area seating and furnishings for patient rooms. The implementation of swing space and furniture rental allowed Baptist Health to quickly create adaptable workspaces so employees could continue providing high-quality patient care in a temporary setting with a permanent feel.

If your facility is planning an expansion, consider implementing swing space with these five steps:

  1. Identify the space you need to continue patient care
  2. Review the construction timeline for your expansion or renovation project
  3. Develop a plan to create and update swing spaces based on your timeline
  4. Work with a furniture rental company like CORT to design the space to suit your needs
  5. Communicate any changes or updates as they occur to ensure a seamless transition

As one of Fortune’s top 100 places to work in South Florida, Baptist Health has high standards for both its patient care areas and its housing for new hires relocating to the area. Recruiting from across the country and internationally, some employees traveled from as far as South America to work with Baptist Health. Having the condominiums furnished in advance by CORT, makes the transition seamless for new employees coming to the area, especially when traveling more than a few hours away.

Ensure less headache for your patients and employees when moving or growing your healthcare facility by planning for swing space and furniture rental in advance so your facility is always furnished to meet your needs, no matter how your business changes.