FACILITIES MANAGEMENT // Oracle has released a new e-book called Primavera's Facilities and Asset Lifecycle Management Solution. Primavera is an integrated, cloud-based platform that enables users to effectively manage their entire portfolio of real estate and assets. The eBook explains how to use the Primavera tool to optimize planning, improve the design and building process, gain a single view of operations, and streamline site and asset management and maintenance.  

CYBERSECURITY // Tyco Security Products has developed the Cyber Protection Program, a dedicated cyber protection team that helps to identify, inform and develop cyber secure physical security products. The team has released several resources on the topic, including its Six-Part Approach to Cyber Protection e-book, a cybersecurity assessement quiz, a list of cybersecurity acronyms and other items. Users also can sign up for security advisories for alerts about the latest cybersecurity vulnerabilities.  

ENERGY // Schneider Electric has published a new white paper titled "Renewable Energy Strategies for Every Company." The resource explains the maturing renewable-energy market, which has yielded new, innovative approaches that offer cost savings and other long-term benefits. It explains how these new energy options require a complex blend of technology, financing options, vendors and partners. It also details the reasons companies adopt renewable energy, including a demand from customers, stakeholders and legislators to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a need for risk mitigation against future energy prices and regulation, and a desire to lower overall energy spend and leverage the dropping price of renewables.