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Photo courtesy of Vanni Archive


Queens-Long Island Renal Institute located at the Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation


New Hyde Park, N.Y.


Tobin Parnes Design

The Queens-Long Island Renal Institute (QLIRI), a new dialysis center located at the Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation, offers state-of-the-art treatment for Parker’s resident elders and people within New York City’s five boroughs and Long Island. 

QLIRI provides a calm, healing environment within the primary treatment area, a welcoming reception/waiting room and comfortable staff areas. The interior design creates a sense of comfort and safety, with clear wayfinding and exceptional facility maintenance.

The primary design goal of QLIRI was to create a noninstitutional, inviting, organic, healing environment that promotes life and encourages hope. Due to the architectural limitations of the existing facility, including spatial restraints and a lack of scenic views, the interior design goes beyond convention to suggest the feeling of being outdoors. 

The use of nature-inspired graphics, organic floor and ceiling patterns, skylike elements, enhanced lighting and an uplifting color palette complement the various architectural surfaces and offer patients and staff a soothing, comforting and visually interesting environment.