On Our Radar

VersaGuard wallcovering


VersaGuard wallcovering is a new type of flexible wall protection that is four times more impact-resistant than Type II wallcovering and more affordable than rigid panels. It is engineered to perform well in high-traffic corridors and public spaces, and shields walls from the repeated impact of rolling traffic such as gurneys, carts and wheelchairs. It also resists tough stains and can be cleaned with bleach.  Versa Wallcovering 



Legiolert accurately detects the presence of Legionella pneumophila up to seven days faster than traditional culture methods, improving public health response times. Legiolert also makes detecting Legionella in both potable and non-potable water easier by reducing the number of steps involved in testing while maintaining high quality standards. IDEXX Laboratories Inc. 

Jamm hands-free door handle


Installing this hands-free door handle only requires a simple retrofit to most doors via two drilled holes. Once installed, it removes the need to touch door handles with hands, which are more susceptible to contamination. The hands-free door handle has an anti-ligature design and lifetime silver ion additive that prevents bacteria from reproducing. Jamm Products Ltd.  

Valiant lounge chair


Valiant is a one-piece, rotationally molded plastic lounge chair designed for intensive-use environments. Durability and ergonomics come together in the Valiant to provide maximum strength, comfort and safety. The stain-resistant and seamless furnishing has a 1,500-pound static load weight rating. It can stand alone or be grouped with other chairs and bolted together. The chair also can be bolted to the floor for safety. Stance Healthcare


Russelectric circuit breaker-type automatic transfer switches and bypass isolation switches


A new line of medium-voltage (5–15 kilovolts) circuit breaker-type automatic transfer switches and bypass/isolation switches now have 20 to 50 percent smaller footprints than their predecessors. They are UL-tested, -listed, and -labeled under UL 1008A, and are suitable for use in legally required alternate power systems. Russelectric Inc.

Aurora 5.0 platform screengrab


The Aurora 5.0 platform helps to increase reliability during power outages. With upgrades to cybersecurity, scalability and data management, Aurora is an Internet of Things platform capable of connecting anything that measures, generates, switches or stores energy. Automated real-time monitoring and control helps to avoid outages while improving energy efficiency. Blue Pillar

Pow-R-Line PXBCM Branch Circuit Monitor


The Pow-R-Line PXBCM Branch Circuit Monitor is an integrated panelboard that monitors up to 84 branch circuits. It provides facility managers with remote access to live energy readings for a cost-effective solution to energy and power monitoring at the branch circuit level. Some of its features include an intuitive web interface to facilitate data integration, and overload alerts that indicate when the circuit is close to its threshold. Eaton

The Vista Point5 USB Pedestal


The Vista Point5 USB Pedestal enables mobile charging on the go. It complements open, busy spaces such as health care facilities and campuses. It includes four 20A, tamper-resistant, dual USB devices — two on each side — for 16 unique charging opportunities. It comes in a standard 36-inch height and is offered in durable anodized aluminum. Legrand North America

Real-time locating systems

centrak disposable tag


This 31-day disposable tag can be used to track, locate, protect and identify a patient anywhere in a health care facility within a few seconds. The waterproof tag will send a signal when someone or something goes astray. System users receive an alert and can quickly respond, which is particularly useful when dealing with a wandering patient or resident. CenTrak

The V-Net real-time locating system RTLS platform


The V-Net real-time locating system (RTLS) platform and Asset Net Tag combine to create a new Wi-Fi locating and asset tag platform that can be scaled to work with an individual RTLS. The combination of precision infrared with the ubiquity of Wi-Fi are now available in one tag to provide tracking of people and assets at whatever level needed, such as by room, bed or even a waiting room chair. Versus Technology Inc.

InSites’ Clinic Provider View app


InSites’ Clinic Provider View app gives physicians control of their day with real-time views of patients. Physicians can see where patients are in their visit, such as whether he or she is with a nurse or the length of time someone has been waiting. The app supports patient self-rooming, and integrates with electronic health records. Intelligent InSites Inc.

SenseVIEW real-time locating system health monitoring software


SenseVIEW is a real-time locating system health monitoring software with a simple, web-based user interface that can be updated and reconfigured remotely. Users also can receive diagnostics remotely. It provides pinpoint accuracy of assets, and users can track the system’s real-time health and battery status. Sonitor Technologies Inc.