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Tork Matic hand towel dispenser


The recessed Tork Matic hand towel dispenser with Intuition sensor adapts to existing in-wall folded towel and waste dispenser — or other recessed infrastructure — to provide a touch-free roll towel system. Smart sensors ensure hands-free dispensing. Adjustable towel length allows owners to select the towel size that’s right for each individual setting. Tork USA

500D series tubular LED lighting product


The 500D series tubular LED lighting products are verified in the U.S. as "low optical flicker, less than 1 percent" by UL. While imperceptible to the eye, flicker makes the brain feel as though one is sitting under a strobe light, which can cause headaches, fatigue and eyestrain. Energy Focus Inc. Energy Focus Inc.

LTX Behavioral Health Dispensing System


The LTX Behavioral Health Dispensing System features anti-ligature design and time-delayed output control. Other features include 304 stainless-steel construction; sloped top surface and rounded corners to help eliminate anchor points and sharp edges; barrel-style lock and sliding lock plate; and a protective internal shroud. GOJO Industries Inc.

Synthesis casework collection


The Synthesis casework collection is a durable clinical storage solution to address the diverse storage requirements and demands of medical facilities and environments. The collection is designed with flexibility in mind and allows facilities to maximize space, help to meet workflow requirements and compliance regulations, adapt to growth or as needs change, and complement infection control protocols. Midmark Corp.

Automated disinfection 

GermAway Ultraviolet UVC Air Purification System


GermAway Ultraviolet UVC Air Purification System uses an 18-watt output for disinfection, inactivating and killing bacteria, molds, protozoa, viruses and yeasts that otherwise could be inhaled or ingested. The unit kills as much as 70 percent of certain airborne bacteria passing by the system. Cure UV

fresh-aire uv lights


The Fresh-Aire UV environmental surface disinfection system is a programmable, stationary, ceiling-mounted ultraviolet light system for irradiating pathogens on surfaces. The fixtures range up to 60 inches long and can be mounted in tandem for maximum dosage and coverage. Triatomic Environmental LLC

surface biodecontamination product


This surface biodecontamination product can be used in any public health care setting. It includes a fogger that atomizes a cold sterilant into a cold dry fog that disinfects and sterilizes surfaces, even in hard-to-reach places. It does not affect sensitive electronic equipment and requires minimal downtime between subsequent uses. AMBUstat  AMBUstat 

The Pathogen UV disinfection system


The Pathogen UV disinfection system is designed to enable automated disinfection of clean, dry, environmental room surfaces using germicidal UVC energy. The mobile unit can be positioned within a nine-foot radius of the area to be treated. A preprogrammed cycle can be initiated via a hand-held remote control to automatically deliver a calculated dose of UVC energy in as little as four minutes. Steris plc

Boilers and chillers

Trailblazerair-cooled scroll chiller


The Trailblazer air-cooled scroll chiller is designed to deliver low installed costs and long-life performance in demanding environments while meeting expectations for high operating efficiency. It also includes Intelligent Equipment, which transfers and applies data from the unit through the cloud, helping building operators to monitor energy consumption at the equipment level. Daikin Applied

 EX Gas/Oil Series high-pressure steam boiler


The EX Gas/Oil Series high-pressure steam boiler minimizes carryover and produces dry 99-plus percent saturated steam in less than five minutes from a cold start. It is compatible with natural gas, propane or No. 2 fuel oil. High-pressure options include 300 maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP), 250 MAWP or 170 MAWP. Miura America Co. Ltd.

The York YMC² centrifugal, magnetic-drive chiller


The York YMC² centrifugal, magnetic-drive chiller features state-of-the-art design and active magnetic bearing technology to address critical concerns of facility managers, such as energy, sustainability, sound and uptime. The chiller is capable of achieving values below 0.1 kW/ton at part load, helping to reduce utility bills. Johnson Controls Inc.

Evergreen boiler


The Evergreen boiler features simple controls, flexible functionality for multiple applications and a durable design. It is adaptable to most heating needs for light commercial applications and for single or multi-boiler installations. Evergreen offers quiet operation, and floor-standing or wall-mount options. Weil-McLain