LIGHTING // Siemon, a global network infrastructure specialist, has released the Zone Cabling and Coverage Area Planning Guide: 60W PoE Lighting Applications to provide guidance to infrastructure designers on the selection, design and deployment of a structured cabling system optimized to support a wide range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting applications. The guide highlights installation recommendations, integration with Internet of Things applications, zone cabling for PoE lighting, including coverage areas and location of zone enclosures, and more. 

ENERGY // Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals has released a new performance improvement measure that provides step-by-step instructions on using new strategies for energy procurement to save money and avoid risks. The resource shows how energy market deregulation, an emphasis on sustainability, and advanced data analytics are creating opportunities for hospitals to save, as well as to make a positive impact to the triple bottom line that considers how to balancs budgets while benefiting the environment and society. 

HVAC // Automated Logic Corp., a provider of building automation systems, has updated its CTRLSpecBuilder specification tool. It helps engineers to prepare bid specifications for HVAC control systems quickly and accurately. With the new upgrades, the CTRLSpecBuilder tool now has an enhanced user interface along with updated verbiage to support industry emerging technologies such as fault detection and diagnostics, automated demand response and other advanced energy-saving strategies.