ANTIMICROBIALS // Perkins+Will has written a white paper on the topic of antimicrobial building products. In "Healthy Environments: Understanding Antimicrobial Ingredients in Building Materials," the architecture and design firm addresses the lack of scientific evidence to support claims that antimicrobial products, including paints, countertops and door handles help to ward off communicable diseases. It also highlights a growing body of research suggesting potential negative impacts of antimicrobials on both the body and the environment.   

EQUIPMENT // Draeger and Georgia Tech have released a new white paper titled "Comparison of Overhead Utility Systems for Intensive Care Rooms." The paper highlights the benefits of ceiling mounted beam solutions over traditional headwall systems in intensive care unit (ICU) rooms. It specifically addresses five questions. Does a ceiling-mounted beam meet the clinical needs of the nurses and providers taking care of ICU patients? What is the impact on the patient’s experience? Are there any safety risks? Does the beam limit flexibility of the patient room as needs change? What is the impact on costs?

FURNITURE // The Hon Co.'s Chair Chooser application is a digital design tool that can save office furniture buyers time by allowing them to find and design exactly what they want. The tool can be used on a wide array of browsers and devices, and has been made easier to use as part of an overall website redesign. Other website improvements include enhanced search and navigation functions, allowing users to browse by product, style or even space. The website includes designer spotlights, feature articles with HON experts and new videos.