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DynaTrap DT600 Series insect trap

Buzz Off

The DynaTrap DT600 Series insect trap uses LED bulbs for a chemical- and pesticide-free solution to eliminate mosquitoes. It emits 365-nanometer ultraviolet light for attracting mosquitoes, which are then noiselessly vacuumed into the retaining cage. The DT600 Series uses 5-watt bulbs rather than the standard 35-watt bulbs for an energy-efficient approach to pest control. Dynamic Solutions Worldwide

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Pleasant Scent

The Flex is an easy-to-use atomizing diffuser system designed for flexible HVAC or in-room installation. It has a custom programmable timer and built-in backup battery. The pump can be programmed to run one or two diffusers. Diffusers are available in 500-milliliter and 4-liter aroma bottles. There are 75 aromas from which to choose. Air Esscentials

Tru-Universal Dimmer

Light Saver

The radiant Tru-Universal Dimmer features a clean design and proprietary self-calibration technology that adjusts to a variety of light bulbs. Because it automatically calibrates to the minimum and maximum trim levels of the lamp, it eliminates poor performance and flicker that can often occur at low-light levels with LEDs. Legrand North America

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Soft Touch

Papernet’s Heavenly Soft Superior is a range of high-quality laminated tissue and towels that use a unique construction allowing plies of paper to be bonded and embossed together with glue, creating a softer “at home” look and feel. The line’s products include single bath tissue, jumbo roll tissue, center pull, hardwound and multifold. Sofidel


S G Audit Lock 2.0

Total Lockdown

S&G Audit Lock 2.0 is ideal for commercial spaces needing advanced security that provides recorded access event data. Using a verified USB flash drive, security data — including who accessed the lock and when — can be uploaded easily to coordinate and analyze the security of a single or multiple lock system across many users. Sargent and Greenleaf

CB 2 security product

Call It In

CB 2-a is the latest addition to the Help Point line of emergency phone enclosures. It is built with a premium stainless steel construction that is slim enough to be Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant on any wall. In addition to an energy-efficient LED faceplate light that illuminates a hands-free emergency speakerphone, the CB 2-a includes the all-new S-2000, a unique high-output LED beacon/strobe. Code Blue Corp.

Yale 6000 Series

Safe Exit

The Yale 6000 Series is a line of ANSI/BHMA Grade 1-certified exit devices featuring an array of electromechanical options. These options include electric latch retraction; electric dogging; alarm; and touchbar, trim and latchbolt monitoring. These features allow the 6000 Series exit device to easily integrate into existing alarm or access control systems, providing upgraded security. Assa Abbloy

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These customizable bullet-resistant barrier systems provide up to UL Level III protection and can withstand force from a .44 magnum. Specially designed systems include a combination of bullet-resistant windows, doors, frames, counters and other materials and accessories. The systems can be used for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other health facilities. Total Security Solutions

Signage and Wayfinding

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Sound and Secure

The TV Shield Pro with anti-ligature hood ranges from 40 to 80 inches and comes in a sleek design similar to a picture frame. The enclosure is designed with minimal visible mounting hardware for maximum tamper resistance and protection. It has a high-strength, shatterproof, ultraclear Lexan polycarbonate front shield, and high-strength mounting hardware to prevent removal or theft. Protective Enclosures Co.

JANUS Flex directory management system

At the Ready

The JANUS Flex directory management system enables digital signage managers to edit any directory at a moment’s notice, ensuring that patients find the correct location every time. Digital office or personnel directories are simple to update, and present patients and other visitors with an attractive, easy way to find individuals or locations. Janus Displays

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Printed Path

Navigo Wayfinding Systems kiosks have new software to improve automated wayfinding path- and text-direction generation. This gives users the power to instantly see a digital path that will lead them from point A to point B within a campus or facility, gain access to a concise text version of that path, and generate a printout. Interactive Touchscreen Solutions Inc.

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Here to There

The MediNav Navigator v. 2.0 is powered by Bluetooth low-energy beacons and handset sensor fusion technology to provide advanced turn-by-turn indoor navigation and rich location-based features. It provides maps, routing, directions and navigation to enhance the patient experience, minimize frustration and reduce missed or late appointments. The application can be developed for iPhone and Android devices. Connexient