On Our Radar

Multi-Threat Shield

Safety switch

The Multi-Threat Shield (MTS) is a lightweight, discreet ballistic shield that can be used by security staff. A flick of the wrist swiftly deploys a 3-foot-long protective covering that can withstand multiple impacts. It includes an expandable utility pouch with covert access to carry a wide range of equipment. When folded, the MTS measures 12 inches long. Unfurled it measures 36.5 inches by 17.5 inches. Force Training Institute

Healthboard glass dry-erase board

Seeing clearly

The Healthboard is a glass dry-erase board specifically for the health care field. The Healthboard was designed using proprietary ColorDrop print technology. The technology allows users to customize communication boards with high-resolution graphics, charts and other important information. Clarus Glassboards

Leaf folding wall

Quick Changes

The Leaf folding wall allows health care facilities to change spaces quickly. Power, sound and display capabilities can be integrated into the modular wall solution. It enables spaces to evolve from private care rooms to a triage center or from a hallway to doctors’ offices, depending on the facility’s current needs. DIRTT Environmental Solutions

voice-enabled Cognitive Room from IBM

At Your Command

The voice-enabled Cognitive Room allows users to interact with in-room technology using natural language. Cognitive technologies are embedded into Harman soundbars and alarm clocks. Users can issue commands — such as controlling the room temperature and lighting —  and in-room speakers connected to the technology will perform the tasks. IBM

Floor Cleaning

3M Stone Floor Protection System

Under Protection

The Stone Floor Protection System is a complete floor-care process that maintains the look of porous stone and produces long-lasting shine. The easy-to-use system features environmentally preferable components for greener cleaning. It requires no stripping or deep scrubbing, and creates a high-traction gloss that can help to reduce slips and falls. 3M

Integra-D orbital floor machine

Easy Gliding

The Integra-D orbital floor machine has a removable and adjustable handle for easy transport. Its design reduces vibration and offers a practically dust- and chemical-free solution for scrubbing and stripping. Its unique floating head isolates any handle vibrations, eliminating directional drift and making steering effortless. Code Blue Corp. IPC Eagle

7777 WaveBrake mopping trolley

Wide Coverage

The 7777 WaveBrake mopping trolley down press is a bucket and wringer system that reduces splashing to achieve cleaner floors and improved productivity. It is made from tubular steel and structural plastic and has been tested to exceed 50,000 wringing cycles. A foot pedal to release water eliminates the need for lifting. Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC

RC900 and RC1200 battery chargers

Long Life

RC900 and RC1200 chargers provide 900 and 1200 watts of DC output power, respectively, and are available in 36- and 48-volt models. They are designed for use in battery-powered scrubbers, sweepers and burnishers, and are capable of charging both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. The high-performance profile balances battery life, longevity and charge time requirements. Delta-Q Technologies

Hand Hygiene

DebMed electronic badge-free hand-hygiene compliance system

Always On

The DebMed electronic, badge-free, hand-hygiene compliance system is able to track compliance based on the World Health Organization’s “Five Moments” and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s hand-hygiene standards. It captures 100 percent of hand-hygiene events and opportunities 24/7/365 and goes beyond room entry and exit. It can measure compliance performance of an entire unit. Deb Group Ltd.

SMARTLINK hand hygiene management system

Stocked Up

SMARTLINK service alerts use predictive analytics to ensure that hand soap and sanitizer are always available for critical hand-hygiene events. The solution collects usage and status data for each monitored device and then collates this information for real-time updates. It also predicts when a dispenser will need to be refilled. GOJO

CenTrak hand-hygiene compliance monitoring system

Clean Compliance

This electronic hand-hygiene monitoring system captures 100 percent of hand-washing opportunities and missed opportunities. Data can be viewed at the hospital, departmental or individual level. Failure to comply with hand-hygiene protocols will result in a gentle reminder from the staff member’s RTLS-enabled badge. CenTrak

nGage hand-hygiene compliance monitoring system

Hands-on Approach

nGage is a point-of-care, hand-hygiene compliance monitoring system to help motivate health care employees to comply with hand-hygiene standards. It engages employees personally and professionally with active messaging. The system focuses on patient safety and satisfaction through monitoring, reporting and analytics. Proventix Systems Inc.