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With convention season upon us, we're all dusting off our travel bags to attend premier health care conferences like the recently concluded American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition and the upcoming Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) EXCHANGE 2017 to learn more about the health care field and its professions.

These events always bring to mind the strength of the American Hospital Association's personal membership groups, such as ASHE and AHE, as well as the importance of bringing the field together and pooling efforts to tackle the big challenges like regulatory changes, succession planning, infection prevention, sustainability and more.

That's why it's particularly exciting for me to announce that Health Facilities Management magazine (HFM) is joining ASHE, the membership society representing more than 12,500 professionals involved in the planning, design, construction and management of health care facilities.

ASHE will be integrating HFM magazine and digital newsletters within its existing communications, with the first editions of ASHE’s Health Facilities Management coming out in January 2018. Additionally, ASHE will be collaborating with AHE on environmental services-related content for the magazine as well as an environmental services newsletter.

The change will create a robust publication covering the latest trends, best practices, research and news for the field. It will also give HFM access to stories, research and data far beyond the resources of our previous stand-alone magazine to better help guide you in your short- and long-term decision making.

These are all unprecedented advantages for HFM, its readers and its advertisers, but what's even more exciting to me and the rest of HFM's staff is becoming part of a high-performing membership organization we've always held in greatest regard.

As we settle into our new roles, we will redouble our efforts to bring you a publication, newsletters and website with trusted content that contributes to optimized health care physical environments.

Please watch your inbox for more information later this year and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.

Mike Hrickiewicz, Editor,