On Our Radar

AQ Pro-F indoor air-quality monitor

Up in the air

AQ Pro-F is an indoor air-quality monitor and real-time data logging tool. The compact, handheld unit can measure up to six parameters simultaneously, such as formaldehyde temperature, barometric air pressure, differential pressure, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and air velocity. It has a large internal memory and a lithium ion rechargeable battery, with an optional wireless remote printer function. E Instruments International LLC

Gem-Loc Premier Edge

Got the edge

Gem-Loc Premier Edge incorporates a small but critically important accent of Corian to create a durable edge for laminate countertops. It works well for installation on new laminate surfaces, and it also can be retrofitted to existing areas. The durable surface minimizes peeling of laminate edges and works against the harboring of bacteria. Loti Corp.

CHx online program


The CHx online program helps hospitals to monitor their medical gas programs. The program makes all of a facility’s medical gas system information accessible in real time. Users can identify the facility’s entire inventory and map each asset from source to patient, track compliance, input work orders and more. Compliant Healthcare Technologies LLC

L Series faucets

Tailor made

The revamped L Series faucets for laboratory settings includes manual and electronic faucets; water, steam and gas valves; remote valves and spouts; and combination fittings. Each product is assembled and tested prior to shipment to ensure quality. Parts are interchangeable so users can mix and match components to meet exact requirements. Chicago Faucets


ADC EcoWash 60-pound soft-mount washer

Green and clean

The ADC EcoWash 60-pound soft-mount washer with 350 G-force extraction is designed with program and cycle flexibility in mind. The M2 Controller offers 10 cycle options, adjustable water-level settings, wash temperature options, four chemical-injection points and simple diagnostics control. Its Suspa shocks allow it to deliver high-spin speeds without having to be bolted down. American Dryer

LT-Series continuous tunnel washers

It’s a wash

LT-Series continuous tunnel washers can be customized for any operation. The washers can handle 55- to 220-pound loads for bottom transfers and 77 to 132 pounds for center transfers. The washers can accommodate six to 20 chambers and are designed with intuitive touch-screen controls to handle up to 114 wash programs. Lavatec Laundry Technology Inc.

101P bulk linen truck

Load up

The 101P bulk linen truck is now offered standard in durable 100 percent high-density polyethylene plastic. The material helps to deliver increased strength and rigidity. It also accommodates larger payloads without bowing or collapsing but at a lighter weight, providing ergonomic benefits for workers. It comes with optional weatherproof covers. MODRoto Inc.

Geerpress linen hamper

Put it there

This new linen hamper boasts a tubular steel construction and a silent soft-close lid resistant to the wear and tear that comes with daily use. The hamper’s narrow profile helps to keep pathways clear and reduce wall damage. It comes with multilingual labels to denote its use, such as “soiled linen” or “hazardous waste.” The hamper’s nylon pouch is designed to prevent overfilling. Geerpres Inc.


clorox hydrogen peroxide

Better than ever

These reformulated Hydrogen Peroxide cleaner disinfectant wipes and sprays continue to offer the same disinfection efficacy, but now with improved surface compatibility and visibly less residue. It has fast non-bleach disinfecting times available for more than 40 microorganisms and are noncorrosive to hard and soft surfaces commonly found in health care facilities. Clorox Healthcare

OxyCide Daily Disinfectant Cleaner

To the source

OxyCide Daily Disinfectant Cleaner is a one-step cleaner and deodorant for hard, nonporous surfaces. The product is as effective as bleach for in vitro killing of Clostridium difficile spores, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and vancomycin-resistant enterococci. It is ideal for disinfecting high-touch objects that require manual cleaning. Ecolab

C. diff Solution Tablets

A drop in the bucket

C. diff Solution Tablets are an alternative solution to bleach and peracetic acid disinfectants. It is EPA-registered to kill Clostridium difficile spores in four minutes, and effective against Norovirus. The tablets are available in two sizes for use in large and small containers. The solution can be applied with a cloth, wipe, mop or coarse trigger sprayer. 3M

pHur cleaning and disinfecting waters

Side of science

pHur cleaning and disinfecting waters are made from all natural products that have been tested and proven effective as a systematic method for environmental cleaning and disinfecting. The formulation is designed to reduce harm to human health and the environment while improving the hygiene and long-term cleanliness of facilities. pHur