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CleanStream is an automated linen- and waste-removal system

Fast travel

CleanStream is an automated linen- and waste-removal system that safely contains and rapidly transports solid waste through a sealed pipe network to a central collection area within seconds. Material can be transported vertically and horizontally to more than a mile away at 25 meters per second, which is 37 times faster than manual transport. Swisslog Healthcare

Safety-Walk Slip-Resistant Tapes and Treads

Stay safe

Safety-Walk Slip-Resistant Tapes and Treads are a full line of anti-slip protection for commercial facilities. The peel-and-stick tapes and treads adhere to clean, dry surfaces without wrinkling, curling, tearing, shrinking or lifting. The line is available in standard rolls and pre-cut treads in a variety of sizes, colors and textures. 3M

medical-grade refrigerator

Perfect temp

This high-performance, double-door, medical-grade refrigerator measures 45 cubic feet. Its advanced airflow design allows it to deliver temperature consistency at all levels within the cabinet, even when heavily loaded. Its 7-inch, full-color touchscreen allows users to access stored data, alarms and an optional electronic locking system. Follett LLC

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It's a trap

he Automated Insect Monitoring System is a 24/7, Wi-Fi-enabled bed bug solution for inpatient facilities. The discreet and compact solution attaches easily to out-of-sight surfaces and provides remote monitoring with real-time notification. It uses an all-natural, odorless lure to attract bed bugs and other insects, which are noticed by the device’s internal cameras that, in turn, activate the traps. Delta Five

Automated disinfection

 UV Angel disinfect

Heavenly protection

The UV Angel attaches to medical devices and other technology to continuously disinfect equipment. It actively monitors targeted surfaces. Once new germs are detected, the UV Angel will activate to eliminate the pathogen while electronically logging its disinfection. The device will light red, blue and green as it transitions from “dirty” to “disinfecting” to “clean.” UV Partners Inc.

VioSafe Antibacterial White Light Disinfection LED tech

Pure light

VioSafe Antibacterial White Light Disinfection LED technology uses wavelengths of visible light to produce evenly distributed white light while providing continuous surface disinfection. The technology is deadly for bacteria but safe for continuous exposure to humans. It is available for a wide variety of lighting needs, such as troffers, cabinet lights, T8 replacement tubes and more. Vital Vio

LightStrike Disinfection Pod

Contained area

The new LightStrike Disinfection Pod works with the LightStrike Robot to disinfect high-touch, reusable mobile equipment that travels throughout the hospital. The robot emits pulsed xenon into the pod and its reflective fabric ensures 360-degree coverage of difficult-to-clean equipment. The 5-minute cycle time is effective against several pathogens. Xenex

MoonBeam3 ultraviolet technology

Moon shot

The MoonBeam3 uses ultraviolet technology to kill pathogens on high-touch surfaces. The portable solution uses three individually adjustable arms to disinfect patient care equipment, fixtures, bed rails, workstations, monitors and more. It quickly penetrates pathogen cells, such as methicillin-resistant Staphyloccocus aureus, vancomycin-resistant Enterococci, Norovirus and Clostridium difficile spores. Sealed Air


cloud-based maintenance and asset management software

Task complete

This cloud-based maintenance and asset management software is completely customizable, mobile and instantly available through the cloud. It helps to schedule tasks, keep track of assets and boost communication between technicians and other staff to keep facilities running smoothly. Features include multisite management, custom reports, inventory cycle count and user certification tracking. Fiix

Dude Intelligence screenshot

Great insight

Dude Intelligence is a new platform that combines operational insight, management and strategy. The solution turns data into useful information that can be used to facilitate knowledgeable decision-making. Users can access expanded key performance indicators, trend data and comparative maps, and new operational dashboards. Dude Solutions

HEMS II screenshot

On auto pilot

HEMS II is an updated product that helps to address emerging needs in the hospital biomedical/clinical engineering, facilities/support services, and imaging departments. Updates include a redesigned dashboard and several automated processes that help to limit the number of manual entries required by the user. EQ2

work order software screenshot

Any requests

The work order and enterprise features on this computerized maintenance management system help to simplify work order request forms and management. The maintenance team will be notified of any new or preventive-maintenance requests. The requests also can be delivered to any mobile device, and users can attach documents to requests and track maintenance compliance. Maintenance Care