LIGHTING // RTM Engineering Consultants has created a new guide titled “5 Key Factors in Lighting Design.” The guide helps readers to take a proactive approach to lighting design projects to achieve optimal results. It also details the importance of aligning project teams around a central standard to eliminate the need for redesigns and schedule delays.

CENTRAL SERVICES // “Beyond Clean is a weekly podcast for the sterile processing field. Hosts Hank Balch and Justin Poulin created “Beyond Clean” as an information hub for central services and sterile processing professionals, operating room leaders, hospital administrators and vendors focusing on important topics, trends and innovations. Listeners will be introduced to thought leaders in the profession and concepts driving improvement and efficiency.

PEST CONTROL // Orkin’s webinar “More than a Nuisance: How to Manage Small Flies in the Health Care Environment” teaches how to manage small flies by implementing an integrated pest management program. Listeners will learn the types of flies that are common in health care, an understanding of the challenges and threats small flies pose.