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ProCare ICU door

Free and Clear

The ProCare ICU door addresses needs expressed by nurses, such as larger, clear openings, and swing-out features that require less strength to operate. The model is available at a 44.2-inch door clearing on an 8-foot package, or 50.2 inches on a 9-foot package. It features catch-free contoured handles and a retractable positive latch-hook shield to eliminate snagging of IV lines and other ICU equipment. Stanley Access Technologies

c system’s Version 8.0

Upkeep upgrade

This c system’s Version 8.0 provides real-time data, intuitive reporting options and mobile flexibility. Key features include its labor change manager, enhanced assignment time tracking, expansive global search and the brand-new member session manager. Maintenance Connection


Fit to order

CabiNet is an intelligent alternative to vended scrubs or open carts. The product works with RFID chips fitted to each scrub item. Each sliding-door unit stores 300 scrub pieces, and all transactions are recorded in real time. It contains a separate unit for soiled returns. The storage system is fast to load and doesn’t require users to enter a size. Autovalet

Tyvek Fluid Applied WB+ System

Barrier to entry

Tyvek Fluid Applied WB+ System is a fluid-applied weather barrier for building envelopes. The high-performance silyl-terminated polyether technology resists shrinkage or cracking during the curing process. It can either be sprayed or pressure-rolled onto surfaces, including concrete, concrete masonry units and gypsum sheathing. Dupont


Remedi LED bed light

All perspectives

The Remedi LED bed light is a multifunction luminaire with four distinct optical compartments to eliminate the need to physically move any portion of the luminaire housing to access key lighting functions. An air gap between the optical housing and the wire way provides a lighter overall appearance. It is available in one of four color temperatures: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K or 5000K white light or amber. Hubbell Inc.

Ritter 255 LED procedure light

Well-lit path

The Ritter 255 LED procedure light’s reflector provides 1,040 reflecting facets for uninterrupted illumination. The light is more than two times brighter than most halogen lights and offers a color rendering index of greater than 95. The combination of ideal color temperature and ample brightness ensures that users can see clearly and accurately. Midmark Corp.

Eaton LED downlights

Custom order

Portfolio 2-inch, square and round aperture, LED downlights can be used for new construction and retrofit installations. The line is offered in four beam distributions with light control and low aperture brightness for glare-free illumination. Users can choose from 500, 1,000, 1,500 or 2,000 lumens packages, and six color temperatures. Eaton

DUO AC 12-volt LED light bar

Flip the switch

The DUO AC 12-volt LED light bar with color option uses a nearly 100 percent efficient reflector. Users can switch the color temperature from 2700K to 3000K. The task lighting solution directly mounts to surfaces, including cabinets, shelves and other display areas. The DUO’s 1-inch profile features multiple knockouts for ease of wiring. WAC Lighting


420-T Series faucets


The 420-T Series faucets with TempShield feature a built-in ASSE 1070-compliant scald protection that eliminates the need for a separate thermostatic valve. The solid brass, chrome-plated faucet features water-saving flow rates from 0.35 to 1.5 gallons per minute and includes vandal-resistant outlet options. It is designed as an all-in-one solution for commercial restroom applications. Chicago Faucet Co.

NextGen Selectronic faucets


NextGen Selectronic faucets feature a simple, integrated design and exclusive SmarTherm technology that incorporates an ASSE 1070-certified thermostatic hot-water temperature limiter into the faucet. The patent-pending, integrated SmarTherm safety shut-off protects the user from scalding due to a spike in hot water temperature. American Standard

Verge with WashBar basin


The Verge with WashBar is a cast-formed quartz basin with the all-in-one WashBar. The basins are precision-engineered to contain water and soap suds within the basin to eliminate water splashing on users or dripping across the floor. This is especially convenient for users with mobility issues, so they can clean, wash and dry in one spot. Bradley Corp.

CleanSpray HandShower


The CleanSpray HandShower is designed specifically for health care and contains a hollow-fiber microfiltration membrane inside the shower handle that removes waterborne pathogens like Pseudomonas and Legionella. No biocides are used in the system. The hand shower fits most shower types and can be installed easily. The head has five dynamic spray settings to suit user preferences. AquaMedix LLC