Interior design // Ecore’s white paper “Managing Noise in the Healthcare Space through Flooring Specifications” addresses the importance of proper surfaces in the healing environment and the influence of noise management on clinical care. The paper also examines how flooring material impacts the speed and efficiency of sound being reflected within a room, and sound transmission between adjacent rooms. 

Security // Knightscope addresses the significant hurdles in ensuring the safety of patients, visitors and staff in its newest white paper “An Outline of the Future of Security in Healthcare.” The paper discusses how robots are being used in a variety of areas in health care and how to extend the technology’s use to improve physical environment security. 

Energy management // Schneider Electric discusses new strategies for connectivity in its white paper “Power Distribution Redefined.” The paper addresses developing scalable and converged operational technology and information technology systems, maximizing energy efficiency and sustainability through the Internet of Things, and optimizing asset availability through predictive analytics.