On Our Radar

Setra FLEX

Digital setting

These customizable telehealth kiosks help to streamline the administration of on-demand patient screening. The solution integrates features for self-check-in, patient assessment, videoconferencing, digitization of medical records and payment. Other features include specialized ADA-assistance devices for patients who are blind and deaf and those with limited mobility. AMD Global Telemedicine

condensing tankless water heater

Odor out

EverPrime is a chemical solution designed to safely and effectively keep sewer odors from escaping through facility drainage systems. One gallon of water added to a floor drain followed by approximately 3 ounces of EverPrime will stop odors from escaping into the facility for months. It is available in gallon- and quart-sized bottles. Waterless Co.

InTemp CX Gateway

Soft touch

Charmin bathroom tissue for commercial use comes in 450-sheet rolls. The two-ply tissue is clog-safe, septic-safe and Roto-Rooter approved, which means building owners don’t have to worry about flushability. Individually wrapped rolls ensure that the toilet tissue remains hygienic in storage and when being replaced for use. P&G Professional

hand-held screening device

Like a hawk

The Hawk Safety system provides 24/7/365 food safety management, temperature monitoring and compliance through an intuitive and comprehensive web application. It helps to streamline food service operations by eliminating the need for manual refrigerator, freezer and line-check monitoring, hand-recorded logs and emailed audits. DayMark Safety Systems


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HEMS II is available to hospitals in the cloud or for license on a hospital’s own servers. The CMMS is now modular, which means that hospitals can choose the modules that fit their needs and budget, including adding others later as they are needed or when new ones are released. Various modules address equipment life-cycle management, tracking in real time the status of compliance for specific standards, and making processes and reporting easier and more effective. EQ2

Thermolatch II latching mechanism

Must comply

TheWorxHub helps health care providers to prioritize and manage compliance-related inspections and Environment of Care (EOC) rounding through an application dedicated to surveys, inspections and EOC rounding. Relevant data gathered about operations through inspections and rounding are captured on a mobile device, along with feedback from hospital staff about the service they receive on a daily basis. Dude Solutions Inc.

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Quick maintenance

FastMaint CMMS v. 9.0 allows maintenance managers to schedule both preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance work. Managers can send work orders to staff on their mobile phones, receive feedback from the maintenance workers, and track the progress of all outstanding and completed jobs. It can be used for on-site maintenance or field service management. SMGlobal Inc.

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Out of the box

AkitaBox is a comprehensive software solution for facility managers that combines asset mapping, a work order system, and accurate floor-plan data in one place for building teams. The system’s intuitive interface allows for speedy information retrieval by clicking locations on a floor plan or scanning QR codes. In addition, it offers a guaranteed 90-day implementation through field services to expedite data collection for clients. AkitaBox

Automated Disinfection

Neutral Q 64 disinfectant

Room for more

KR615 Germicidal Enclosure — dubbed The UV Box — has introduced a new larger version capable of disinfecting full-sized tablets, as well as smaller products such as mobile devices, stethoscopes and nurse-call buttons. A single 60-second cycle has an independently confirmed 99 percent kill rate on Clostridium difficile and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureusAdvanced Ultra-Violet systems LLC

SafetyApplied Spill Cleanup Kit

Get smart

The IPT 3200 uses the SmartDosage UV technology to scientifically calculate proper run times to deliver the highest ultraviolet dose in the shortest time possible. It disinfects direct, indirect and shadowed surfaces. The average patient room treatment time is between 6 and 15 minutes. The system digitally documents room treatment data in real time. Skytron


On the surface

The VaproQuip Decontamination Room is designed to decontaminate clean, dry, noncritical equipment, furniture and surfaces. When Vaprox Sterilant is applied in the sealed room as a low-temperature dry vapor, it is effective against a broad spectrum of biological organisms (i.e., spores, bacteria, viruses and fungi), leaving no residue and no lingering odor. Steris Plc

BR 45/22 C walk-behind compact scrubber

Sky’s the limit

Diversey Care’s SKY 7xi is a mobile device disinfection solution for tablets and smartphones. It uses a high-intensity ultraviolet light to kill harmful pathogens in one minute or less and is available in desktop, wall-mount and mobile-cart options. The unique design provides 360-degree coverage and can accommodate devices up to 1 inch thick by 8 inches wide and 12 inches long. Sealed Air Corp.