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Wash it away

The TopLine 30 WC washer-disinfector solution for bedpans comes with central connections for restrooms. It features a telescopic rotary wash nozzle for intensive cleaning, a steam-tight door for optimal safety and hygiene, three programmable wash/disinfection cycles, an air-steam cooling and drying system, and an optional automatic door opener. It can be wall-mounted into the bathroom suite of a patient’s room. Meiko International

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Flexible fit

Medi­Trac copper-alloy corrugated medical tubing is used for the distribution of medical gases. Its semi-rigid design allows it to be installed in a single length and routed as needed around existing structures and systems. The nonflammable, nonreactive tubing is UL-tested and -listed and can be used for new, renovation or retrofit projects. Omega Flex Inc.

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Good measure

Ultraviolet-C germicidal (UV-C) Lamp Hour Meter measures the total run time of UV-C lamps installed in HVAC/R systems. The meter measures total run time of UV-C lamps against industry standard data that correlate with roughly a 9,000-hour annual lifespan. It alerts users to potential disruptions and when lamps should be replaced. UV Resources

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Power up

Medical-grade UPS systems are designed to provide clean and consistent power for electronic medical diagnostic, treatment and monitoring equipment as well as health care computer and IT systems. Three models are available with line-interactive topology: the M550L (550 VA, 440 watts), the M750L (750 VA, 600 watts) and the M1100XL (1,100 VA, 880 watts). CyberPower Systems (USA) Inc.

Nurse call systems


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Space saver

MICRA Master Station features a compact design with a 7-inch touchscreen display. The nurse call system has integrated audio, a 60-position direct call screen and five user menu buttons with multiple levels. The station features a minimum of 12 programmable levels of calls, including normal, priority, staff-assist, Code Blue and more. It also incorporates Ethernet and USB ports. Intercall Systems Inc.

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Loud and clear

The Senior Care Facility Communications Solution includes the KX-DTU100 digital communications terminal. The full-duplex speakerphone enables clear call quality between the caregiver and resident. The complete system provides real-time alarm status and monitoring, alarm management and historical reports. Panasonic Corp.

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Checking in

Pro-Alert 570 Nurse Call System provides senior residents with direct alerting to their caregivers. It includes wireless pendants to place calls as well as for daily check-ins that maintain residents’ independence while monitoring their well-being. Consoles and wireless pocket page alerts provide instant notification to caregivers. Jeron Electronic Systems Inc.

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Team effort

Arial U nurse call system provides flexibility to health care facilities. The wireless solution can integrate with a wide range of other systems such as wander management and fire panels. It also offers an analytics dashboard for users to benchmark and measure performance. A mobile application allows staff to see and manage events, coordinate response and document actions taken. Stanley Healthcare

Plumbing products


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Filter through

QPoint Water Filter Capsules retain waterborne bacteria, fungi and protozoa from in-premise water systems at the point of use. They can be used for water meant for showering, drinking, superficial wound cleansing, the cleaning of equipment used in medical procedures and hand washing. The product received FDA 510(k) clearance as a Class II Medical Device. Pall Corp.

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All inclusive

Matrix Medium height-adjustable bathroom sinks can be adjusted up to 7.8 inches in height via an easy-to-reach crank handle or an electric push button. The sink’s back wall conceals plumbing, providing improved hygiene and easier access for wheelchairs. Mounting brackets located away from the floor ensure space for wheelchair foot plates. Pressalit Care Inc.

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The total package

The EZ1 floor drain system portfolio has been expanded to meet a wider variety of applications. The drains come preassembled and ready to install. Integrated packaging includes hardware and instructions underneath the cover in addition to the product’s post-pour adjustment capabilities and tilt shims.  Zurn Industries LLC

BR 45/22 C walk-behind compact scrubber

Smart solution

The iQ3001 on-demand tankless water heater has a capacity of more than 3,000 MBH, 3 million BTU/hr, 4,400 GPH, and a 100:1 turndown ratio. The compact, 33-inch-wide equipment occupies 80 percent less floor space than traditional systems. The smart solution’s monitoring and analytics capabilities allow for greater control over operational efficiency. Intellihot Green Technologies Inc.