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First impression

The LokTab Patient Information Notifier displays 8 or 10 tabs on the side of a room sign to identify patient needs efficiently. Hospitals can use 30 unique graphics and select a background color. The system includes a header, face, locking tabs and accessories like an aluminum note holder or a decorative footer. Further customization is possible with either a whiteboard or window-insert option. SignScape

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Scrub in

The ScrubVault System is a compact cabinet that securely stores, dispenses and tracks the distribution of scrubs. The scrubs are chipped with radio-frequency identification technology to automate the linen program. Health care staff scan a unique code to open the system and select their scrubs while the system tracks what was taken. ImageFIRST

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Solid ground

FreeStyle ESD flooring is ideal for use in such static-control environments as server rooms and data centers. The patented glueless “zipper” interlocking flooring is easy to install and does not require adhesives, copper foil, underlayments or padding. It is made with 70 percent recycled materials and is 100 percent recyclable. SelecTech Inc.

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Double feature

The Dyson Airblade Tap integrated hand-washing and drying system complements the hygienic no-touch concept for modern washroom facilities. The system features a HEPA filter that captures 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns from washroom air. It also reduces washroom congestion, with only 14 seconds needed to dry hands. Dyson

Building automation

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Flow together

The WebCTRL building automation system has been expanded to include a new chilled-water system optimizer. It minimizes the energy use of the entire chilled-water system in a commercial building, including air-handling units, fan coils and other chilled-water distribution equipment. The integrated dashboard allows staff to monitor the overall efficiency of the system from anywhere at any time. Automated Logic Corp.

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On track

Atrius delivers connectivity and intelligence to a space via an expansive network of smart LED lighting and controls. It has a software platform that gathers, unlocks and transforms raw data into useful intelligence. Its capabilities include indoor positioning, asset tracking, space utilization, spatial analytics and energy management. Acuity Brands Inc.

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Light the way

The LMIO-301 photocell input module is an accessory for networked digital lighting-management systems. Users can read ambient light levels to control exterior lighting or interior lighting installed in brightly day-lit spaces such as an atrium. It works in conjunction with either the LMPO-200 exterior or LMPS-6000 skylight low-voltage photocell heads. Legrand North America LLC

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Smart solution

Aircuity 2.0 includes the new MyAircuity web and desktop apps that deliver actionable insights, transparency and accountability to facility managers implementing demand control ventilation. Users can see analytics of cost and energy savings, indoor environmental-quality responses and occupant behaviors. The user interface presents the highest priority information for each stakeholder. Aircuity

Hand hygiene

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Made simple

SwipeSense is a cloud-based, sensor network that monitors hand-hygiene compliance without disrupting normal clinical workflows. The system provides hospital staff with compliance results for every department, unit, room and individual caregiver to help combat health care-associated infections. The data help hospitals to create shared accountability and lasting behavioral change within their facilities. SwipeSense

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New and improved

The DebMed Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System 2.0 upgrade is designed to simplify reporting procedures for product usage, streamline operations and workflow, and improve access to data. It provides new advanced features for system administrators, such as setting and changing unit goals and managing user information. Deb Group

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In the zone

The Compliance Monitoring System helps hospitals to accurately monitor hand hygiene and encourage positive change. The system’s Patient Zone is an electronically monitored zone set up around the patient’s bed to detect every hand-hygiene opportunity. A beacon on the bed provides continuous monitoring and transmits the information to a dashboard. Ecolab

BR 45/22 C walk-behind compact scrubber

All hands in

The AeroScout Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring solution automatically detects when staff members wash their hands as they enter and exit patient rooms, with no extra steps for staff that could interfere with workflow. The dashboard can show compliance at the facility, unit and staff levels. A leaderboard provides visibility to compliance data by role, room and date.  Stanley Healthcare