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Got it covered

Shield by Panaz curtains use silane-based technology. Shield fabrics have been tested and proven to be permanently antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. They also repel liquids and are highly resistant to most stains, which make them ideal for such health care uses as cubicles, showers and window treatments. option. Inpro Corp.

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Easy to maintain

New features on this health care technology-management platform help customers to improve medical-device security and adopt internal, alternative equipment-maintenance plans. The update includes improvements in reporting and analytics. It integrates with enterprise-resource planning, safety alerts, information security and more. Connectiv

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Breathe it in

The Intelli-Ox integrated medical-oxygen cylinder features an advanced digital gauge to show clearly and easily the remaining time left at a given flow rate. It includes an integrated valve and regulator assembly, lightweight aluminum cylinder as well as visual and audible alerts when the cylinder is nearly empty.  Airgas Inc.

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Sounding off

SL130W Sound Level Alert with alarm features built-in LEDs and is ideal for patient care compliance. Bright red flashing or green LEDs are easily visible, even in large spaces up to 100 feet away. Users can configure the system to flash one color when a sound level is too high or too low, and flash another color to indicate compliant sound levels defined by the user’s thresholds. Extech Instruments


Fire Safety

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Scaled to size

Fire-Lite addressable fire alarm control panels are being expanded to give safety professionals more options for designing small to medium-sized fire systems. The Fire-Lite Endurance Series offers two new fire alarm control panels — the ES-50X and ES-200X — that feature dual-path communications, programmable buttons and support for combined fire- and carbon monoxide-addressable detection. Honeywell International

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Two for one

The TL2.0 Series is a dual-tech hybrid exit sign that combines LED and photoluminescence. The maintenance-free LED light source illuminates in normal AC power. The nonelectrical photoluminescence illuminates when AC power fails. It requires only .5 watts of power and eliminates the need for auxiliary power or external charging. Isolite Corp.

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Clear solution

SuperLite II-XL 120’s fire-resistive glazing meets ASTM E-119/NFPA 251/UL 263 for two hours. Printed, patterned, art glass and other decorative options can be incorporated with SuperLite II-XL products to create unique solutions. The glass is U.S. manufactured for fast delivery. SaftiFirst

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Command central

The Desigo Fire Safety Modular system is scalable and customizable. Multi- criteria detection, an integrated building management station and the ability to support 300 custom messages help to ensure that large or complex health care facilities are safe, and there is centralized control and detection for patients and employees. Siemens Industry Inc.



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Protection mode

IntelAssure detects and tracks issues across IP security infrastructure and presents both problems and solutions on a user-friendly dashboard ­— either through a browser interface or mobile app. This software solution for video and other physical security systems helps to solve the problems of downtime and missing video evidence while also addressing cyber-hygiene and audit-compliance needs. Stanley Security

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Roaming robots

The K5 robot helps to secure large outdoor spaces. Working together with human eyes, the robot helps to keep such areas as parking lots and hospitals safe. It weighs 400 pounds and is 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It is equipped with four cameras, each capable of reading 300 license plates per minute. Knightscope Inc.

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A safe exit

EcoFlex exit trim can be used as an electrified exit device in stand-alone applications, in conjunction with a wall reader, or as part of an integrated access-control lock. The adaptable solution operates between 12 and 24 volts DC, making it less sensitive to power changes and able to support longer cable runs without negatively impacting performance. Assa Abloy

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Send the signal

The Model S Mobile Defender fits in a pocket or can be worn on a lanyard to be used as a panic alert. When the button is pressed, the device functions as a two-way speakerphone between security and the employee, and sends a GPS location alert. It also has built-in fall detection so, if a nurse or doctor is tackled, an SOS alert is immediately issued without their having to press anything. SecuraTrac