The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) is the only organization dedicated to professionals who manage and direct security and safety programs in health care facilities. IAHSS has certified tens of thousands of dedicated professionals who keep health care facilities, patients, staff and visitors safe. IAHSS offers several training and certification programs, including:

  • Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA). The CHPA is the prestigious standard for the health care security and safety leader.
  • Supervisor level. This is designed for health care security professionals with supervisory responsibilities.
  • Advanced level. This addresses more advanced topics for officers, building on content from the basic level.
  • Basic level. This is an introductory program for health care security and safety officers.
  • Healthcare Safety Professional Certificate Program. This covers the fundamentals of health care safety.

“IAHSS is proud to provide training and certifications that are developed by health care security and safety practitioners who are experts in this industry,” says IAHSS Executive Director Colleen Kucera. “Their mission is to enable excellence in health care security, safety and emergency management. Many IAHSS members and other hospital leaders have shared feedback with us that the demonstrated level of professionalism and competence markedly increases after completing IAHSS certifications. IAHSS provides the knowledge and tools health care security and safety professionals need to be most effective in carrying out their responsibilities.”

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This sidebar article was contributed by IAHSS.