If you have ever watched children work together on a Lego project, you know how important communication can be. To build something together, children need to communicate constantly to reach a vision they can all be happy with — instead of one that ends with bickering, tears or parents cleaning up the Legos. 

Health care construction isn’t all that different. To create new health care spaces or renovate existing space, architects, engineers, construction professionals and facility leaders need to clearly communicate to remove the barriers to full collaboration in order to reach a successful outcome. The difference with health care projects: it isn’t a parent who comes in to clean up — it’s our legal teams! 

The upcoming International Summit & Exhibition on Health Facility Planning, Design & Construction (PDC Summit) on March 17-20 in Phoenix is a special event built around collaboration in health care construction. 

The PDC Summit brings together health care architects, engineers, designers, constructors, facility leaders and hospital owners. Unlike other conferences that focus on a single aspect of the planning, design and construction process, the PDC Summit focuses on collaboration among all three areas and provides a variety of viewpoints on critical issues. With clear communications and barrier-free collaboration, we can work together to overcome challenges and succeed in this rapidly changing health care environment. 

This year’s PDC Summit will feature sessions on collaborative construction methodologies, ways to improve the human experience, solutions for mitigating risks, information on regulation and compliance, and sessions on the sites of care. 

In addition to providing educational sessions, the PDC Summit provides unique networking opportunities. This allows time for you to hold meaningful conversations with people from different backgrounds and professions, gaining insight from everyone involved in health care projects. 

In just a week, more than 3,500 professionals will take advantage of this great opportunity and attend the PDC Summit in Phoenix.   

I look forward to seeing you there! 

Dean M. Pufahl, CHFM, CHC, ASHE President