The way we navigate from point A to point B today is very different from what we did just 10 years ago. Instead of depending on our memories or paper maps, we receive verbal guidance from the global positioning systems in our smartphones. Through crowdsourcing data in real time, these instructions adjust to guide us to our destination efficiently based on the current conditions of the environment.

To successfully navigate the future of health care facilities, we need to develop a flexible route, always keeping the most up-to-date information in mind. The theme of the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) 56th Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition, July 14-17, is “Mapping the Course.”

This year’s conference in Baltimore will be packed with informative sessions, valuable resources and great networking opportunities that will inspire you and your colleagues to map a dynamic course preparing you to handle the upcoming expected — and unexpected — changes in the health care field.

With approximately 40 concurrent sessions from which to choose, plus our general sessions and exhibit hall, there will be exceptional educational opportunities for every attendee, no matter what role you have in creating or maintaining the health care built environment. I encourage you to take advantage of the many networking opportunities at this year’s conference. You never know when a conversation will lead to an opportunity for yourself, your team or your organization.

I hope you’ll also join us out on the water for our annual conference yacht outing. Be sure to download the mobile app for the newest updates at the conference. For more information on the conference, visit its website. To stay on top of trending topics and new publications, visit ASHE's website.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to come together with our field’s professionals to plot out the future of health care facilities. That future will depend on our efforts to continue learning, collaborating and challenging the status quo — and this conference is a great place to start. Together, we can map a responsive, dynamic course that will guide us to creating and maintaining even more optimal health care facilities. I’ll see you in Baltimore!