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The Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE) Exchange 2019 annual conference and solution center will be held Aug. 21-24 in San Antonio. 


The Exchange program convenes health care professionals from multiple disciplines to collect tools, build and enhance skills, and share the lessons necessary to optimize environmental services as a critical programmatic response to infection prevention and environmental hygiene, as well as to quality outcomes and patient or resident experience.

It features a robust educational schedule including inspiring general session speakers, enlightening preconference workshops, meaningful networking opportunities, high-level learning labs, an interactive solution center with more than 100 solution providers, and an innovative conference-within-a-conference program.

The key benefits include:

  • Preconference. Participate in value-based purchasing, infection prevention and fundamental leadership training.
  • Networking. Connect with a robust network of trusted professionals who face the same everyday challenges as you.
  • Education. Stay up to date on health care field developments and trends through the learning labs, preconference workshops and general sessions.
  • Continuing professional education (CPE) credits. Earn CPE credits by attending a workshop for the Value-based Product Evaluation and Implementation, the Certificate of Mastery in Infection Prevention, or the Certified Health Care Environmental Services Professional programs.
  • Solution center. Meet vendors who offer products and solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Professional growth. A health care professional’s career stops when they stop learning. They must stay relevant in a landscape that doesn’t wait for anyone.

Leading experts

Setting the pace for this year’s Exchange 2019 conference are presentations by leading experts on important leadership and technical topics. They include:

  • Jake Poore, president and chief experience officer of Integrated Loyalty Systems, will speak on “Destination of Choice: Creating Loyalty and Value by Designing World Class Patient Experiences.” During his keynote presentation, Poore will illustrate how he’s leading facilities in designing and executing patient-driven cultural blueprints; defining companies’ patient experience strategy; and mapping out and operationalizing into the ideal patient and employee experience.
  • William Rutala, Ph.D., will discuss “Best Practices for Disinfection of Noncritical Surfaces in Health Care Facilities.” Scientific literature has demonstrated how contaminated environmental surfaces and noncritical patient care items play an important role in the transmission of several key health care associated pathogens, including MRSA, vancomycin-resistant enterococci and Clostridium difficile. The session will outline evidence-based best practices for effective surface cleaning and disinfection in health care facilities; discuss methods to educate and implement these best practices at a facility; demonstrate monitoring compliance and feedback practices; and examine new technologies that may help enhance the future of infection prevention efforts.
  • Celeste Headlee will talk on “Adding Value through Communication: How to Have Conversations that Matter.” Headlee knows the ingredients of a great conversation, which include honesty, brevity, clarity and a healthy amount of listening. She argues that listening is the true power of what separates those who can gain a competitive advantage and demonstrate their value in whatever they are trying to achieve. Her session focuses on the science-based fundamentals of communication, provides 10 practical lessons designed to help inspire self-confidence, and introduces key strategies for enhancing personal and professional relationships by simply becoming better at having conversations.
  • Matt Havens will speak on “You’re Not an Acronym: A Practical Approach to Leadership.” This presentation will help attendees expand their understanding of leadership exponentially, while laughing all the while. Boring isn’t a business requirement, so attendees should get ready to enjoy the process of becoming a more effective leader than they ever thought possible.
  • Maja Kazazic will discuss “Positivity and Success in the Face of Adversity.” In this session, Kazazic will share her story and give participants applicable takeaway lessons such as the seven building blocks of empowerment, how to build support systems, how participants can shift perspective to recognize opportunities, and how they can unleash the power within themselves.
  • A panel discussion featuring Fiona Nemetz, CHESP, director of environmental service, safety and security, Northside Hospital; Carol Calabrese, R.N., CIC, senior clinical adviser, infection prevention; and Mike Bailey, CHESP, MT-CHEST, MT-CSCT, of Bailey Consulting Services LLC, will cover “Environmental Services: The Value Proposition.” Value can be difficult to quantify and measure. However, environmental services leaders who develop metrics on the core components of their business will be able to show value and raise their profile.

Additionally, the Exchange 2019 conference will include networking opportunities, certification programs and 20 learning labs that will tackle subjects such as designing world-class patient experiences; cleaning and infection prevention; leadership, teamwork and change management; staffing and retention; emergency management; regulatory updates; creating a culture of safety; and much more.

For more information on the event, log on to its website