Several American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) members have pondered recently whether the society should extend the term of the ASHE president due to the disruptions COVID-19 has caused, such as the cancellation of this year’s International Summit & Exhibition on Planning, Design & Construction. ASHE President Jeffrey E. Henne, FASHE, CHSP-FSM, CHEP, CHC, said such a move is not needed. 

“Serving as ASHE’s president means leading the organization regardless of the environment we face,” Henne says. “The Board and I are focused on leading ASHE through this challenging year to ensure ASHE’s continued success in the future.” 

An amendment was proposed to ASHE that would potentially extend the length of the president and president-elect’s terms in the case of nationally disruptive events. ASHE policies state that prior to amendments going to the full membership for a vote, they must first be approved by the ASHE president and the Vice President of the American Hospital Association Professional Membership Groups. 

Henne said he carefully considered the proposal and, in accordance with ASHE policies, decided not to proceed with the amendment. Therefore, the terms of ASHE presidents and presidents-elect will remain at one year. 

Henne has adjusted as he leads ASHE amid the COVID-19 crisis. For example, Henne holds weekly calls with ASHE’s executive committee to address key issues; has moved Board meetings virtually; and has created regular videos to connect with members.

Under Henne’s leadership, ASHE has also produced a tremendous amount of resources to help members respond to the COVID-19 crisis.