Image courtesy of Corrigo

Corrigo’s cloud-based health care computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) delivers intelligent insights and unparalleled control over a health care facility's maintenance service delivery process. It’s the most powerful tool in the health facilities management toolbox to reduce the opportunity for errors, minimize compliance risks, shorten work order completion times and react faster to changing priorities. 

Features include touchless maintenance dispatch, advanced service delivery management, performance management, and mobile apps and checklists.

Additionally, the Corrigo CMMS can help health facilities managers get credit for many of the most frequently cited Life Safety and Environment of Care elements of performance activities they're already performing. It enables health facilities managers to automatically create, assign and send work orders to providers on a scheduled date; track preventive maintenance compliance and know what’s getting done; demonstrate to surveyors that proactive maintenance is completed as expected; and set clear recurring procedures for technicians to follow.

Intelligence built into the CMMS brings control to every driver of a facilities cost structure and performance, delivering maximum profit-and-loss contribution from every facilities maintenance investment while improving operational uptime and safety for patient care. 

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