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BalancedCare luminaires meet demand for style and function



BalancedCare™ by Axis Lighting Inc. features a comprehensive and complementary family of luminaires for use throughout the health care facility. Designed for patient rooms, bathrooms, corridors, nurses stations and common areas, these luminaires provide lighting for wellness without trade-offs. All BalancedCare luminaires feature BeSealed™ design attributes that enable easier maintenance, less costly construction, updated lighting technology and engineered features that support today’s stringent infection control standards — with the certifications and industry listings to prove it.

Features include: 

  • Infection control and performance. BalancedCare construction meets the needs of health care spaces in a new and better way. Extruded aluminum housings maximize LED heat dissipation to ensure cool operation and long life. And the lighter-weight material makes installation easier. The housing and optical cartridge are sealed for infection control using a single-piece gasket, achieving IP and NSF International ratings without complex and costly welded construction. No more heavy doors and ugly piano hinges. The luminaires also meet UL and Americans with Disabilities Act specifications.
  • Ease of maintenance. Room-side access to drivers and components facilitates maintenance efforts, reduces costs and prolongs sustainability of luminaire systems.
  • Plug-and-play drivers. Toolless driver removal provides easy replacement. 

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The visual-only Ball-In-The-Wall Ball-In-Tube relies on gravity and differential room pressure, not electronics. It has an integral failsafe mode check: For negative pressure room applications, users can open the door and the ball will fall out of the room space. When the door is closed, the ball will be drawn into the room space. Airflow Direction Inc.

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 Comprehensive cleaning software and technology is available for hospital environmental services departments, health facility building service contractors and other health care disciplines. The software is built and supported by a team of environmental services and cleaning professionals and is completely cloud- and mobile-app based. Smart Facility Software


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AkitaBox Inspections is a software solution to help facility teams streamline their inspection processes. The visual, location-based platform enables technicians to quickly find and complete their rounds, and create custom forms and inspection programs using a powerful form builder. Inspections allows progress tracking across the entire portfolio in real time and provides an instant audit trail that is available to share with regulators when needed. AkitaBox

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BioMed for TheWorxHub allows clinical engineering teams to standardize intake information and apply set asset management processes with requirements and approval permissions for evaluating new equipment models. Additionally, accreditation standards and information on medical equipment management are easily accessible from prebuilt reports highlighting standards as they apply to specific categories of equipment, work and battery management. Dude Solutions

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The CRx system for regulatory compliance encompasses all of a facility’s compliance needs. CRx includes a compliance activity calendar, notifications, rounds, fire drills, permits and more in a single platform. Integrated with an organization’s work order system, CRx tracks every deficiency and ensures that necessary work orders or interim life safety measures are issued and documented. HealthCare Facility Compliance Corp.

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HEMS Version 8 updates include a new call center/dispatch board with automatic multilevel escalation based on time lapsed, location, severity of the issue, employee shifts and more. Users can create bulk work orders with two simple clicks and use advance filtering features to display information on demand. The software can be used for facilities management, biomedical services, supply chain, IT and more. EQ2 LLC


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The Nephros Ice Machine Multibarrier Kit, combined with process improvements for cleaning and disinfection, provides improved water quality for ice machines, drinking fountains or any in-line application. The Food and Drug Administration 510k-cleared, 180-day, 0.005-micron carbon and scale filter provides an instant barrier against bacteria and viruses, improving infection control and patient safety, and extending equipment life. Nephros Inc.

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Symphony software aggregates multi-system data sources to minimize Legionella proliferation in HVAC open loop water systems. The algorithms monitor a system’s risks in real time to improve water safety, sustain equipment life cycle and reduce operating expenses. It bridges the gap between separate building management data sets of water chemistry and heat exchanger performance. Aquanomix

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EverPrime helps to eliminate odors emanating from drains and more in facilities. The biodegradable liquid solution works well for floor and shower drains, HVAC, condensate drains, plumbing fixtures and in drains with broken trap primers. Simply add about one gallon of water to the floor drain, then add approximately three ounces of EverPrime into the drain. Waterless Co.

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EC-3142 ChekPoint is an above-deck, single-hole, deck-mount electronic sensor faucet. It features a water-resistant control module with internal flow control switches; customizable auto time-out and shut-off delay settings; plug-in AC transformer or battery power options; mechanical temperature mixing valve with integral check valves; low battery LED indicator light; and polished, chrome-plated brass body. T&S Brass