Asset management is a significant part of health care facilities management. Done properly, asset management allows us to prioritize improvements, incorporate compliant elements and pursue operational excellence. 

But attending to your facility’s assets is one thing. Equally important is managing your own professional assets: expanding your knowledge, growing your network and developing new skills, to name a few. Devoting energy to your personal progress will not only contribute to your facility’s operational excellence, it will drive your career development and enhance your professional reputation, the subject of this month’s Health Facilities Management cover story. 

As I mentioned in last month’s column, operational excellence, career development and professional reputation are the American Society for Health Care Engineering’s (ASHE’s) current strategic imperatives. Working toward these goals individually will benefit you, your team and our field as a whole. 

This month, I want to spotlight some of the ASHE resources our team created in 2020 that can support these goals and preview some of the resources we will be releasing in 2021. 

In 2020, ASHE flexed to reach our members virtually during the pandemic. If you were unable to attend ASHE’s first Annual Virtual Conference (held in October), you should register for the on-demand version of the event — the education is invaluable, and it will only be available through the end of this month. 

I also recommend our new how-to YouTube series, our virtual instructor-led trainings, our webinars and virtual Lunch & Learns, and, of course, our robust and frequently updated list of COVID-19 resources. 

I’m proud to announce that in 2021, ASHE plans to release two new, highly anticipated books: Introduction to Health Care Facilities Management by Skip Smith, Tim Adams and Chad E. Beebe; and Developing Code-Compliant Integrated Life Safety Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Programs by Joshua Brackett, Scott Mason, James Peterkin, Frank Rudilosso, Richie Stever and others. 

As you pursue operational excellence, professional reputation and career development in 2021, explore our offerings and tell us what else you need to succeed. We are here to support you!

Antonio Suárez, MBA, CHFM, FASHE, ASHE President.