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Bringing compliance readiness to health facilities operations

CRx is a cloud-based compliance platform that ensures ongoing compliance readiness with The Joint Commission (TJC) chapters of Environment of Care, Life Safety and Emergency Management. With the TJC and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services compliance dashboards, health care facilities can stay on top of compliance requirements with prebuilt element of performance (EP) checkpoints and crosswalks to conditions of participation. Not only does CRx track compliance history for each EP, but it also organizes required documents automatically so that users quickly know which items need review. Deficiencies found in inspections or rounds are listed in a deficiency dashboard for quick reference. CRx integrates with work order systems to track preventive maintenance for facility assets and allows users to create work orders immediately after deficiencies are found. The system assists facilities managers in creating interim life safety measures documentation for high-risk deficiencies and automatically recommends what measures should be taken. With the contractor portal, securely fill out permits and include workflow for approvals. CRx automates round and fire drill scheduling, and facilities managers can store life safety and other drawings in a digital repository and mark changes when necessary. The CRx Suite is modular. Organizations can get the entire suite or just what’s needed, and all modules work together to form a total compliance system that integrates with computerized maintenance management and vendor systems. To schedule a CRx demo, contact a W.W. Grainger representative or visit Health Care Facility Compliance.

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Sani-Surface Hygienic wall cladding offers industrial-strength, fiberglass-free wall panels with high-impact resistance. The panels are Class A fire rated and thermally stable to handle a wide range of temperatures and moisture fluctuations. Sani-Surface panels are easily cut and don’t produce harmful dust. The Sani-Base Stainless Steel Wall base provides a waterproof foundation. Inpro 

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The AV D32 Dynamic Mounting Arm (C Series) is a horizontally mounted display positioning solution that allows for vertical adjustment of screens and monitors in applications too constrained for larger height-adjustable arms. The C Series allows a monitor to be easily tilted and rotated, swivels at the base of the assembly and can be lowered 60 degrees from the fully extended position. Southco Inc. 


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Model ABD-Z1 is one of the latest additions to this line of automatic balancing dampers that provides on-demand control to ventilation systems. Model ABD-Z1 combines a shut-off damper with an electric actuator, automatic balancing damper and a plenum box into one assembly. The addition of a low leakage volume control damper to an automatic balancing damper allows the ABD-Z1 to shut off unoccupied zones. Greenheck 

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The HZ700 louver is a 7-inch deep louver comprised of two pieces: a 4-inch horizontal front and a 3-inch vertical rear louver. The HZ700 meets AMCA 550 and AMCA 540 standards for enhanced protection and has a low pressure drop, which delivers greater energy savings. It was designed to handle extreme weather and applications needing a horizontal blade appearance but a vertical blade level of performance. Ruskin

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The Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System helps facilities meet recommendations of MERV 13 air filtration or greater. The system is an ideal choice for retrofitting into existing buildings and offers MERV 15 performance with a MERV 14 rating. It features high dust holding capacity and enhanced ability to remove ultrafine particles, odors and volatile organic compounds, without ionizing or ozone generation. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions 

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The Dry Climate Desiccant Dehumidification Series performs in a variety of settings, including hospital surgical suites. It has multiple supply voltage options and continuous modulating reactivation heaters to maintain peak efficiency. It is available with building management system communication, filter monitoring, variable frequency drive control, electric or gas reactivation heaters, cooling options and more. Climate by Design International


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The EnFocus lighting control platform provides an affordable human-centric lighting solution for existing buildings. EnFocus features high-quality, low-flicker LED lighting that is dimmable and color tunable using existing AC power lines by replacing fluorescent or LED tubes and wall switches. The switch can be made without adding new communication cables and wires or introducing potentially insecure wireless communication technologies. Energy Focus

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The LRAxC LED Strip Fixture Retrofit Kit with Bluetooth Controls replaces 4- or 8-foot fluorescent strip fixtures with LED. The Bluetooth controller is factory-mounted to the light bar while the auxiliary power and dimming control leads are prewired to the driver. Installers can zone and group fixtures by room, and add room controls and sensors. Universal Lighting Technologies Inc.

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The Model NEG-602 compact dual-head LED emergency light features a waterproof, vandal-resistant enclosure. With the enclosure, the fixture is suitable for wet location installations and is 5VA flame retardant. During a power failure, the glare-free luminaire provides 90 minutes of light from two adjustable LED heads. Nora Lighting 

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The Intelligent Fixture Sensor (IFS) and Intelligent Fixture Controller are specially designed for luminaire level lighting controls. The IFS units can be deployed as independent, fixture-mounted occupancy and daylight sensors. As an alternative, they can be networked with the Dialog controllers and other devices in the Dialog ecosystem to create a complete Bluetooth wireless lighting control system. Douglas Lighting Controls