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Protect staff. Conserve PPE. Prepare for future pandemics.


In response to the recent pandemic and to prepare for future infectious control, the Clinician Patient Access Device (CPAD) was designed to allow temporary services such as infusion pump tubing, patient monitoring lead wires and cables, ventilator circuit tubing and related extension cords to pass from patient rooms through corridor walls into the corridor. CPADs allow clinical staff to conserve personal protective equipment by moving patient care equipment into the corridors. This permits some normal patient care practices to be conducted in the safety of the corridor and reduces the frequency of staff and patient interaction. Many health care organizations employed this strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each device is fitted with self-sealing silicone rubber gaskets to ensure that the lines, wires, cords or cables are sealed to restrict airflow, contaminants and noise. There are no sharp edges to pierce or slice the integrity of the inserted lines. Users simply push the temporary service through the device, and it quickly and automatically seals. CPADs have a compact design that installs flush with wall surfaces and does not project into the corridor or patient room, making it fully Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. To learn more, visit Specified Technologies Inc. website.

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A new line of portable sinks provides hand-washing capabilities in areas not normally equipped for it. The durable stainless steel sinks are safe for both indoor and outdoor use, and available in a variety of configurations for various applications. Options include ability to connect to available water lines or carry onboard fresh water as well as a foot-activated water pump. T&S Brass and Bronze Works Inc.

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The Provider ASC System is a nurse call system that helps automate processes and workflows. Features include clinician sequencing, which shows each clinician the patient they need to see next, and how long they have been waiting; the ability to manage each exam/procedure room at the same time; and a unique color indicator for each clinician. Jeron Electronic Systems Inc.


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The ADC105 addressable damper controller meets NFPA 80 and 105 life safety remote damper testing requirements. It is an addressable module that works with Simplex ES fire alarm panels. With the ADC105 connected to a Simplex fire alarm system, users have continuous monitoring and alarm capability if something should go wrong. Ruskin

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The MetaFlex Pro is a new family of fire barrier joint systems for 2- and 3-hour fire-rated applications. The joints surpass fire-resistance and movement testing requirements of test standards UL 2079 and ASTM E1966. The joints feature an easy “drop-in” installation and double as a smoke barrier. Sides are lined with Metacaulk’s BlazeSeal intumescent strips, eliminating the need for caulking of firestop sealant along the sides of the joint. Balco

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The DS-8 8.0K Dry Pendent Sprinkler is ideal for protecting commercial freezers and outdoor spaces in health care facilities, such as parking garages. The sprinkler features a 3- or 5-millimeter thermosensitive glass bulb that can be used in cold environments, specifically in sprinkler systems that are exposed to freezing temperatures. Johnson Controls

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The T16AMR Robotic Floor Scrubber is an industrial-grade autonomous scrubber ideal for larger facilities. Featuring a wider scrub path and higher tank capacity, it allows for consistent, efficient cleaning while reducing total cost of ownership. Additionally, the T16AMR reduces or eliminates chemical usage with eco-H2O NanoClean technology that allows for detergent-free cleaning. Onboard cameras, sensors and alarms help maintain employee safety. Tennant Co.

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This bleach germicidal cleaning spray, part of a larger line of bleach disinfectants, has received Environmental Protection Agency kill claims against C. auris. The improved formulation maintains fast disinfection efficacy while improving surface compatibility and residue profile. The formula is proven to kill nearly 60 microorganisms in three minutes or less. Clorox Healthcare

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The Quick-Change Power Pack battery system is a lithium-ion battery system that works with specific battery-enabled cleaning equipment, including the popular OminFlex as well as the No-Touch Cleaning systems. The Power Pack’s slide-in design makes it easy to install and remove. The lithium-ion battery runs about one hour before it needs to be recharged. Kaivac Inc.

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The Sani-Cloth Bleach Clinical Size Wipe is a 6-inch by 5-inch disinfecting wipe made to help reduce unnecessary waste. The clinical size wipe utilizes a proven Sani-Cloth Bleach formulation, which deactivates 50 different microorganisms including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The smaller wipe size and compatibility profile makes the clinical size wipe an ideal option for disinfecting smaller medical devices. PDI